Nintendo NL offering a chance to win invites to a Switch hands-on event in February

It's very cool to see Nintendo putting together all these early hands-on events for the Switch. Very proactive of them. Awesome to have so many hands-on opportunities for the platform. I always feel Nintendo's hardware really sings when you get it into your hands, and it's a bit tougher to understand when you're just watching/reading online.

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Hope to see some of you there!

Sat Jan 28 17 08:39am
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Finally! I've been waiting for a Dutch event for years!

...Okay, not years. That's hyperbole. But really, why did it take Nintendo NL so long to set this up?

Go for it Nurio !!! ^^

Thanks. I can only cross my fingers at this point

Darn, complete opposite side of the country. Well, traveling there with my girlfriend would cost me almost 2 Switch games anyway, so I know where I'd rather spend my money. :P


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