RUMOR - Nintendo and Nvidia team up for software releases on Nvidia Shield in China

This would obviously be some very big news for Nintendo, but right now it's hard to know if it's the real deal. We don't know the source this Chinese website is getting their information from. Also, I'd like to point out that ZhugeEX is quite knowledgeable in topics like this, and has clearly been seeing things that indicates this as happening. He still doesn't 100% confirm the news, but seems confident enough to share it.

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Sounds like a good deal. Maybe this has to do with the rumours of Nintendo getting NVidia's chips at a bargain. Win-win either way.

The first steps towards Nintendo going third party. :p

You know you could be on to something! Nice catch!

I think they're joking. The video game ban was only lifted recently in China, and outside manufacturers are still very restricted there. I don't think the Switch is officially launching there at all, except through imports. So this is more about getting some IP penetration into a market that's otherwise closed off to them.

And they start with the crap series NSMB....

I hope not. The PS4 and Xbox one are good consoles. But a little boring. Nintendo consoles are always different and special. And look what happened with Sega after they were going third party.

Maybe it's more like the Panasonic Q.

The Shield is Android-based. This is just them porting some games to Android. Well, rather, a specifically locked Android market (Nvidia's game shop, and only in China).

Nintendo went bankrupt with the Wii U? That console was everything but popular, but I must have missed the memo on that...

That's clearly a CD-i like deal...

If it's an HD port of the first one, I hope it's released on the Switch too.

I guess that after sony and MS failed with their consoles in china, Nintendo is going to approach that country through the Android market. I suppose it's a good idea.


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