RUMOR - Snipperclips to hit Switch on March 3rd

We've known for awhile that Snipperclips was going to be $20 and available in March. What we haven't heard is that the title will be out at Switch launch. Nintendo's official website still lists a blanket March release date. We certainly know that information coming from reps at Nintendo booths can be iffy, so I don't know which way to go on the info. They had the pricing right, so could they be correct on release date? Thanks to Sky_Armada for the heads up.

Also, I feel it's worth mentioning that Sky_Armada is a long-time GN reader, so I don't worry one bit about trusting him when it comes to how he obtained this info.

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A physical release would be much more preferable. And will it release in Europe, with all its localisation, on 3rd March?

Sun Jan 29 17 06:52am
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Hardcopy or Eshop, I will pick this up for my collection to get the party going at home/work.

Sun Jan 29 17 09:47am
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Honestly I think this helps the launch a lot. Because Mario Kart 8 (a finished, 3 year old game) isn't until April for some stupid reason, and Bomberman looks sketchy, AND 1-2 Switch isn't a pack-in for some other stupid reason, it looked like I wouldn't have a fun multiplayer game to show off for when someone came over to see the Switch. Snipperclips is maybe a bit low-rent in terms of showing off the hardware, but at least it looks super fun.

It isn't until April because in March most people will be playing BotW and won't bother (re)buying said three year old game, so its sales would suffer. Plus, Wii U launched with too many games, and third parties struggled for sales right out of the gate, so spacing out their first party titles also gives third parties a better chance.

I don't agree with that. I'll be playing BotW on my own time, but I can't play BotW multiplayer with my friends.

Mario Kart at launch would have really helped get switches out in the wild and being used for their social aspect. Not to mention it's a gorgeous game that runs better than its WiiU version.

Mario Kart in April will do just as good a job highlighting the Switch's social aspects as it would in March. Better, in fact, because it will sell more, because a lot of the people who buy Switch in March will be spending $360 plus tax on the System and BotW and will decide they don't need to spend $60 on top of that to play a game they've already played to death and won't have much time for anyway. Some, like you, would spend that extra cash, but you're in the minority. Besides, Nintendo needs to build momentum after launch as much as they need a great launch, and holding off some games will help that, simply because it's natural to look to the most recent releases when buying a new game, rather than what you missed out on or skipped earlier.

Holy shit, I'll be more than happy if this is a launch title.

This game grows on me the more I watch gameplay and hear more people talk about it. I would like for this game to be at launch, this is a game to show case to friends and my fiancée. Looks wacky and simply fun!

Hope this gets a physical release down the line!!!

Ugh I want this to be a physical release

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