Could Michel Ancel is teasing the rumored Mario X Rabbids Switch game?

Everyday's life ... Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified...

A photo posted by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on

Let the speculation run wild on this one. The picture, married with Ancel's comment of, "Everyday's life ... Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified..." has people talking. Do you think it's a tease, or just a passing Rabbids reference mixed with real life plumbing problems? Thanks to Rif for the heads up!


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Sun Jan 29 17 09:20am
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Does Bruno Mars is gay?

Definitely Mario VS Rabbids.

Definitely a tease. I guess the game is to be revealed at E3 and released in the first half of next year.

Sun Jan 29 17 09:20am
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Does Bruno Mars is gay?

Sun Jan 29 17 09:26am
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not a tease. Ancel was just unclogging a toilet when he remembered his rabbit games.

Sun Jan 29 17 09:28am
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Not a reference to Mario, just Rabbids, because despite me not liking them, I know one of their iconography is a Rabbid holding a plunger in the same pose he is in.

He should be teasing some good and evil switching.

They will save that for E3.

If it ever hits the NS at all... Still in rumour land that part.

No rumor at all, this is happening as to why Nin delayed Mario Odd to late Christmas so 3rd parties games along with collaboration games could fair better at selling.

Since most of Laura Kate Dale's rumors about Switch's presentation were wrong, I'll just call this a coincidence until I'm proven wrong. The console wasn't $250, there's no Mother 3, no Splatoon port, no Beyond Good and Evil "reboot" (days later it was confirmed it was still a sequel and it'll still take 4 years to make), and of course, no Pikmin reboot or Pokemon Stars. This is just Michel Ancel being silly as usual and making toilet jokes.

Fair points, but she did get a lot about the hardware correct and gave a heads up about the Switch reveal before Nintendo shot. She obviously knows at least somebody legit so it's worth paying attention on the chance that her info is correct. Maybe she trusted a different source too much, or there's still the possibility that the other rumours could come to light (though anyone could predict things like Mother 3 etc.).

What details on the hardware did she get correct? Mind you, we already knew it was a hybrid and had detachable controllers (you know... patents and stuff).

Sun Jan 29 17 10:54am
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Exactly. I don't know why people believe in her just because she looked at the patents and said "huh, this is a hybrid". It really doesn't make sense. If anything, Emily Rogers was the one who got most of her hardware rumors right. Laura Kate Dale disregarded the Foxconn leak, which also happened to be true, so I don't believe in anything hardware-related either. Heck, she even said ony the right controller had motion controls.

And about the software lineup, just look at this bullshit list:

Excluding Mario Kart 8 and Just Dance, she got everything wrong.

Sun Jan 29 17 10:58am
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Common sense and "professional guessing".. After Nintendo put their handheld and home departments together it was pretty obvious what was going on. The patents spoke for themselves, but aldo made perfect sense.

That's why I just do not trust rumours. I love to speculate and go through all the rumours I see with an open mind, but also with a planet of salt.

Edit: Made sense to have detachable controllers because of the hybrid thing. Just to be clear.

I was actually thinking of Emily Rogers, my mistake! She got a ton of things right. Regardless, HD Rumble, split D-Pad and Share button were all Laura. Smaller things but correct regardless.

I'll still give her the benefit of the doubt (mainly for accurately predicting the Switch reveal which suggests she knows somebody inside/somebody in the media with connections) but yeah, looking at all the things she got dead wrong, she's lost a fair bit of credibility.

Look. Emily deleted several accounts after being wrong.

I can also look at patents. I'm not that stupid.

Zelda? It would miss release? It could have.. It's normal. So make a rumour. It was advertised like Hell... It's a launch title...

I see clickbait more than anything. I hopw I am wrong in some cases (BG&E2), but salt...

I hear you but why would Nin make their Jan presentation a E3 one? I believe they held back so they can have something to show at E3. Jan was about what the system can do, price & key titles at launch. I believe we will see those games at E3 so Nin can make sure they are not double showing of their games that are not out yet.

You are saying the obvious, really. Unless Ninty want to screw up their E3 presentation, but I don't think so.

It seems like the soft release idea is valid. Get it out (with Zelda), have a big show at E3 with awesome titles which will grow the hype for the holidays...

Maybe silent Kimishima qas a very good choice after all-out-there Iwata...

The struggle is real & I can't hold myself to holding the Switch! Its killing me & I want it NOW, lol!

Hehe.you might not be the only one..

What games or accessories will you get come March?

The basic "kit" with Zelda. If I have the money I will actually get 1,2.

I got the Master Edition & I'm thinking to get Bomber-man & 1,2 as well.

Bomber man looks fun, but for that price. I could say rhe same for 1,2 of course, but that HD rumble....

It's a little too coincidental IMO. If it weren't for that rumor, no one would think this would be such a thing

I don't think it's the MARIO and rabbits rumor game. I mean it would be cool to see such a crazy cross game idea but I'm never a fan of believing too hard into rumors lol

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar...
Pretty sure that's justa joke.

The game is obviously real, and it's laughable how fans are in denial of its existence just because they don't like the idea of it.

Sun Jan 29 17 12:56pm
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Maybe, juuust maaybe, people should stop trusting questionable information from questionable sources presented by questionable attention seekers. Making a decision to trust such is questionable in OF itself. Any questions?

I think this is a reference to classic Rabbids illustrations or poses where they hold one of those.

It could be a tease to a new Rabbids but I' not sure there is anything Mario related.

The kid's rabbit died and he flushed it down the toilet, which clogged it duh!

As people have said above, this is probably homage to the rabbids plumber pose.

I think a greater confirmation was the Mario and Luigi statues we saw in an ubi video a while back.

I can't think of a game I want less than this.

Focus on making BG&E2 Switch exclusive. Not a Rabbids game.

Remember those 4 rabbit villains that were revealed in the Mario Odyssey Trailer? I think it's highly likely that they will be in this RPG, along with Nabbit. Maybe those 4 rabbits are actually minions for Nabbit?

I'll get a good laugh out of the RPG, if the Rabbids encounter Nabbit, and somehow mistaken him for their leader, which Nabbit will use to his advantage, and command them to help him take over and raid the Mushroom Kingdom. That would be the perfect set up for this crossover.

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