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13 AM Games says Runbow: Deluxe Edition not happening in EU, Runbow Pocket still coming, sale info

by rawmeatcowboy
01 February 2017
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Coming from 13AM Games

Hello to all of our friends over in Europe! Thought we would reach out and answer a few of your questions about our activities of late.

First, the bad news. It looks like after months of trying to find distribution for Runbow: Deluxe Edition in the EU, we are going to officially say that it can no longer be done. We've met with a lot of distributors (a lot of distributors), and the fact of the matter is that the Wii U retail support is starting to wind down over in Europe. If you guys are as excited as we are about the Nintendo Switch, then you understand how retailers are looking forward to this new platform. We're sorry we couldn't make it work, and really appreciate everyone's positive attitude trying to make this dream come true.

Also, we recently had a DLC sale that, due to some clerical errors, didn't fully work in the EU and Australia / New Zealand region. To make up for that, we are launching the Runbow DLC sale only for Europe, starting on February 2nd and going right up until February 16th! Everything, from Satura's Space Adventure, through to each individual costume and music pack, is on sale for 50% off in all the NOE territories. Special thanks goes out to our community members who pointed out the issue on Twitter, and the press outlets that have helped us run this story!

As for all of your questions regarding Runbow Pocket, we've had some delays but we are working on a release date for you as we speak. We can confirm the game has entered certification, so get ready...