Nintendo president Kimishima expects Switch sales to reach Wii levels

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Wed Feb 01 17 09:33pm
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I think he forgot a "U"!

Oh boy. Shoot for the sun, reach the stars?

I think you mean "Shoot for the moon...". No one wants to reach the sun, haha.


I think they know they won't reach the sun.

Holy shit. I mean... I hope it does. But damn. Proud of them for setting the bar high.

I really doubt that. The Wii was just sort of a unicorn by game console standards. It hit the market at the perfect time, with the perfect game for casuals (Wii Sports). And it was before mobile gaming was a big thing, so lots of casuals were more open to picking up a separate device for their short bursts of gaming. But I think the Switch will sell significantly better than the Wii U.

Well, it's not impossible...

Wed Feb 01 17 09:33pm
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I think he forgot a "U"!

Wed Feb 01 17 09:35pm
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I like the boldness. Let's see what Mr. Kimishima's Nintendo has got!

Slow your roll, Kimi-Shimy. Overconfidence is what gave us the Wii U. At least pretend to be humble: 100 million units sold doesn't come easy, much less 150 million.

I wouldn't say that they were overconfident with the wii u, Rather, they got greedy and put the cart before the horse.

A bit of both, honestly. I recall Kimishima saying that internal projections for the Wii U before it launched at Nintendo was for it to completely surpass the original Wii. That's overconfidence to me. And that's just insane. But, I suppose with the Switch that they actually have the great Wii-level marketing to back up expectations like this.

Do you mean Iwata said that?

Wed Feb 01 17 11:19pm
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Nah, it was Kimishima. Iwata likely said something along the lines of hoping Wii owners would migrate over to the new system as we were getting close to the Wii U's launch, but he never revealed the lifetime sales target for the system.

Wait, what part of that were you referring too. From how I understood it, it sounds like people inside the company thought the wii u would piggyback off the wii u, but Kimishima disagreed.

In an internal sales representative meeting, someone projected that we would sell close to 100 million Wii U systems worldwide. The thinking was that because Wii sold well, Wii U would follow suit. I said that, since the Wii had already sold so well, we need to clearly explain the attraction of the Wii U if we are to get beyond that and sell the new system, and that this would be no easy task.

Thu Feb 02 17 12:38am
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That's what I was referring to. Looking back at my post, I can see that my wording implied that Kimishima himself thought this. That's my mistake. I'm well-aware that Kimishima was skeptical of the Wii U's ability to follow-up the Wii, and that it was others in the company that were being over-zealous. I said Kimishima because he was the one to reveal this information. My bad.

No worries, I went back and reread it as well, could've been taken both ways!

Wed Feb 01 17 10:07pm
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I am a bit skeptical.

Wii was nothing short of a phenomenon. Just like Pokémon Go. You can't expect a similar product to reach those same levels just because they share the same qualities.

With that being said, however, I do have high hopes for the Switch. I'm liking most of what I've seen so far.

That's weird. There must be some new info, as he was not so confident/bold last quarter... hum, even the whole last years.

I don't personally think it'll reach those heights, but I love a bold Nintendo. Let's see how far we can go!

Wed Feb 01 17 10:52pm
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This is a level of confidence we haven't seen from Nintendo in quite a while.

yeah... no .It's nice to dream though. And those young people with enough disposable income should really buy that gadget and like skip one smartphone gen :p

I don't see it reaching that high, but I am fairly confident it will match PS4 sales right now (60 million)

Regardless, it's promising to see Nintendo be so confident. The past 5-6 years, they've kinda just been whimpering in a corner.

Yeah that's not going to happen. It'll do better than the Wii U, but it won't even approach Wii levels.

Nintendo, casuals are gone, deal with it.

Like I'd say in my native language: "Se vale soñar" (You're allowed to dream)

The Switch [V.1] is easily going to do around 60 million on its own, but to reach those Wii levels the Switch is going to have become the sole Nintendo system it's meant to be [from Q1-Q2 next year latest].

Of course, it'll also need a steady stream of games after Year 1, and Pokemon Stars really should be exclusive to it this Fall [as curious as a Switch VS 3DS sales breakdown would be to see, the Huge boost it'd be to Switch is paramount].

I am liking the confidence, as long as he feels he has good reasons for it. I DO doubt it'll do that well, but it would be great to see. I miss the gigantic Wii times, tbh.

Well that's bold.
To be honest I don't even think any piece of hardware on nowadays market could go this far.

I guess that explains the insane prices for accessories and the fact that they think they can charge for online now

Thu Feb 02 17 03:04pm
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Shareholders can only be disappointed now. Not saying there isn't a chance it can hit those numbers, but it won't be easy.


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