Nintendo Europe survey gauges franchise recognition, includes GTA, Call of Duty, Candy Crush

A survey from Nintendo Europe is asking fans to share the franchises they're familiar with. As you can see in the image above, the survey includes Nintendo franchises, as well as third party franchises like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. No idea what Nintendo is going to do with the results of this survey or why they've chosen these games in particular, so make of it what you will! Thanks to AwesomePlatterFan for the heads up.

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Fri Feb 03 17 04:41pm
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GTAV port for Switch? While that game is old (like Skyrim) it will still be nice to have on Switch if true.

In fact I'm willing to bet that port gets announced during Nintendo's E3, as well as "Pokemon Stars" and the next COD game. Wii Sports Resort 2? Though they will probably have to re-brand the series.

A GTA V port on the Switch would be incredible. I have it for PC, but I'd gladly buy it again to be able to play it on the go...providing it isn't downgraded significantly (which it really shouldn't be, it should be at bare minimum as good as the PS3 version, but I'm sure they can push a little more out of the Switch's horsepower).

No Candy Crush on Nintendo please

Sorry guys, the twit does say it is a joke.

Sure would be nice to play GTA on the go. I loved China Town Wars, Nintendo needs a new GTA and a new COD to appease the masses.

Fri Feb 03 17 06:41pm
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Those are all fine and dandy.

But what is this "Super Mario", they are mentioning? I could swear, i've heard that one before. Wasn't that a movie or something?

It is a joke, he even says it went to far when he saw this note reference.

People saying that this is a joke. Probably and mainly because Candy Crush is there

I'm gonna assume I'm answering my own question already by asking, but is Candy Crush still going?

Cos if so, then it'd make sense to get one or two other mobile hits on the Switch [than just Minecraft, Jackbox etc.]

On topic: I'd be down for even just a port of the original Wii Sports with HD / Rumble [can't recall if that Sports Club on Wii U was a 1:1 port in HD, or whether it lacked certain games from the original]!

A GTA V port should come [considering VI won't be ready until the PS5/X2 in 3 or so years time, I'd wager], but I can't see Rockstar ever supporting a Nintendo platform.


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