Mutant Football League devs talking to Nintendo about Switch port

Coming from the Mutant League Football devs...

"At the moment our priority PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But once it done we are absolutely consider mobile version and Switch as well. We already talking to Nintendo, but nothing decided yet. We are in talks with Nintendo and they like the project. We are huge fans of Nintendo and hope we can make this happen. We'll keep you updated."

Thanks to Enigmaxtreme for the heads up!

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Oh man, please make it so.

Sat Feb 04 17 08:22pm
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This game reminds me of the Monsters of the Gridiron trading cards in the 90's. I'm guessing that this was their inspiration but I could easily be wrong.

Though it was around the same time, one of the leads of this game development actually made Mutant League Football for EA back in the Genesis era.

Probably the only sport game I really played back then (since I don't see realistic sports games amusing as I can always do them in the real world).

Sun Feb 05 17 02:00am
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Interesting. The 90's were full of interesting experiments like this. It's a shame that the big game companies don't take as many risks anymore due to the ginormous development costs. Interestingly enough, the Kickstarter for this game has concept art that highly resembles the Masters of the Gridiron cards that I posted here so the two things might share some of the same inspirational DNA. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mendheim/mutant-football-league-mfl

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