Hyrule Warriors/Legends producer discusses how Ravio, Yuga were brought into the game

A portion of a Nintendo Dream interview with producer Yosuke Hayashi, translated by NE...

Q: Please tell me how you wanted to present the playable Ravio.

A: Ravio has the image of being shrouded in mystery. Since he is an item salesman, we aimed to express the idea that he can do anything while also paying attention to his comical side. We were able to put special care into the action of swinging a hammer while also being swayed yourself and using various items, so I hope you’ll have fun with it.

Q: How did you think to utilize Yuga’s abilities, like turning into a wall painting?

A: Yuga’s picture-related abilities certainly left an impression in the original game. We noticed that frames were intermediary whether it was turning people into pictures or transforming into a picture himself. When we thought about how to utilize that in Warriors action, there is of course Yuga entering inside picture frames for movement and attacks, like summoning lightning bolts, flames and even tridents from frames. Furthermore, he is armed with exclusive additional attacks, so we were able to realize really Yuga-like Warriors combat!


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