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Just another 11 months of this and then the 3DS will be laid an honourable rest.

The Switch is Nintendo's future [I don't believe we'll see another unique HW concept again - complementary and experimental accessories aside], as are system upgrades every 2-3 years for all the big 3, imho.

Tue Feb 07 17 12:50pm
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Agreed. He clearly says "we think the Switch and 3DS can coexist for the time being". For the time being means for now, and implies at some point it won't. I think they're keeping the 3DS around because it's cheap, and the Switch is rather expensive for a portable. I think once it drops into the $200 price range and if it's selling well (which may only be 1-2 years), the 3DS will be phased out.

Perhaps. To me "for the time being" is pretty... agnostic. It basically says "it could or maybe not in the future"

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