Mario Kart 8 Deluxe producer on where Switch's extra power came into play, improved gyro controls, DLC possibilities

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Nintendo's Kosuke Yabuki

- Kosuke Yabuki worked on both Arms and Mario Kart 8 DX simultaneously.
- Yabuki was very excited to make this version for Switch
- Wanted to deliver a Mario Kart game immediately and not start from scratch.
- Nintendo EPD used the extra power for 1080p/60fps on tv mode.
- Yabuki says the extra ram allowed his team to experiment with holding multiple items at once. (all 12 characters can hold 2 items at a time)
- Consulted with Nogami for the Splatoon stage and characters
- Lot of strategy can be used in battle mode
- Gyro controls improved
- Doesn't completely shutdown the idea of future DLC, but he says the game already has so much content.

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This game is in an interesting position. He feels the game doesn't need anymore DLC as it's packed with content already. However with no DLC does that mean that a new original Mario Kart game will be released for Switch in the future? Two full priced Mario Kart games on one system is unheard of. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the perfect platform to continue just adding stuff too it. I don't really see the need to make a Mario Kart 9 unless they do something REALLY drastic to the series (Double Dash 2 or Super Smash Kart).

Or an adventure mode kinda like Diddy Kong Racing. I'd be down for that.

I was thinking about Diddy Kong Racing just yesterday. Wouldn't it be cool if Nintendo let Playtonic make a new DKR for Switch. And instead of the Microsoft owned characters (like Banjo and Tiptup) they could use Diddy and maybe a couple of other DK characters, and on top of that characters like Yooka and Laylee, Shovelknight and some of the more obscure Nintendo characters like Captain Rainbow and Doshin, or some of the WarioWare crew like 9volt and Ashley."

Anyhow, I'd rather see this game being THE Switch Mario Kart with more DLC coming and a new racing game like DKR instead of a MK9.

Completely agree with this. Just like Smash Bros 4 it's very hard to top MK8 by starting completely from scratch. The resulting game would almost be a carbon copy anyway.

Well this happened as a result of the WiiU not doing so well hence Mario Kart not able to reach as many people as Nintendo would've liked. It's a great way to use what you've already built to gain more traction and sales.

About building on what they already have, I feel the same way about sports games. But it's Nintendo do release another Mario Kart on switch, I reckon it'll be different enough to justify it much like every other Mario kart game. Different but still familiar enough.

Yeah, I totally understand their business reasons for going this route, but like others have said it doesn't really show a lot of love to those of us who supported Wii U and actually bought all of the 1st party games on it. Oh well. I thoroughly enjoyed the game already. I'll sit tight and see if they add new courses before double dipping.

Same here. Bought every 1st/2nd party game and most 3rd party games that managed to make it on the WiiU (Splinter cell, Assassins Creed 3 & 4 etc).

I think it's becoming the new norm that's been started by the ps4/x1 gen.

This idea of "oh Nintendo is releasing this for the Switch is because very few people played the game on the Wii U because the Wii U didn't sell well".

That's a very lazy argument that people just hear and repeat, but nobody really thinks about what they are saying.

The Wii U didn't sell well, true. But all the Nintendo games sold more on the Wii U than what ANY other exclusive on any other system.

Mario Kart 8 sold what? Over 8 million? What exclusive sold that amount on the Xbox One or PS4?

None... Nothing... Zero... Not even close. The only to reach the sales of Nintendo games on the Wii U, is if you consider multiplatform games, and then you put the sales for the PS4, Xbox One and PC version together.

Only then you'll reach the numbers of Nintendo games on the Wii U.

So, please, stop saying Nintendo is re-releasing games on the Switch because people couldn't play on the Wii U since the Wii U didn't sell.

Nintendo re-realsing these games because it's a easy way to make money and because people wanna buy them anyway.

Because if the re-releases were a problem with the previous console not selling, then why the heck the PS4 is considered the king of the remasters? The PS3 did very well... Then why Sony and other companies keep doing remasters?

Same reason as Nintendo: EASY MONEY.

Wed Feb 08 17 11:53pm
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Umm, Uncharted 4 sold 8.7m in 2016.

Thu Feb 09 17 12:01am
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Now it's clear why that wasn't the ending for that franchise. Though, will the one with the girls be as well received?

No clue, but I am definitely anticipating it!

You misunderstand me.

I'm a very vocal Nintendo fan and when I hear people bash the WiiU all over game forums, I remind them that the WiiU has more exclusive million sellers than the Xbox and ps4. To date, only Uncharted 4 has outsold Mario Kart 8 but then again, the ps4's install base is 40-50million.

What I meant was that it makes sense business-like to put Mario Kart 8 on Switch. It's wildly popular and appeals to a varied demographic so it's a good candidate for a remaster/re-release.

I bought it on the WiiU including the season pass, which happens to be one of the best season pass in terms of content; and I'm going to get it on Switch to.

You're preaching to the choir, friend Smile

I agree. I really want new Mario Kart 8 courses, and I don't think I'll buy Deluxe until actual courses emerge (the battle mode isn't quite enough for me to justify the purchase). If they released a Mario Kart 9 in one or two years it might not sit well with people who bought 8 Deluxe, so I think you're right... 8 Deluxe is the perfect place to just add new content. I'd get in on that.

We'll definitely get a new Mario Kart in 2-3 years. Deluxe is just a way to get Mario Kart on Switch right away so they don't need to rush out MK9.

I don't think they'll make Deluxe the main Mario Kart on Switch, nor do I think they expect people to buy it as the main Mario Kart.

It does up the expectations for MK9 though, to match Deluxe content and to differentiate itself.

I was hoping for DLC so we can get the Block Fort, Block City, & Block Plaza stages from N64, GCN, & Wii.

I'm still hoping for more DLC and not a Mario Kart 9 (for a while at least). I'd like to see Diddy Kong and ROB at least as far as characters. More tracks are always welcome as well.

Nah, we're going to see chrom and marth as dlc

Ugh, you are probably right (I'm not a fan of FE).

I really wish they added more tracks/Cups. I hope they change their mind on new DLC. I already have MK8 and all of its DLC on Wii U, so there's really no reason for me to double dip, especially considering I don't really play the battle modes.

But please, someone give me a reason, because part of me really wants to get excited for this game again...

I am in the same boat, being doubtful about buying it a second time.. I solved it by selling my original version as soon as it became clear it got a Switch port. So now I left myself no choice. XD

Count me in on this sentiment. More tracks and cups!

Still don't know if this game has new courses, is it literally just a few characters the new battle mode ...?

Mainly, yes that is all so it seems. Also Improved visuals, improved motion control (for the few that use it) and what I call bumber bowling mode (where you can't fall off the level).

I didn't want to buy it a second time either. But I sold my Wii U version for $35 on eBay (like $28 after shipping and fees). Then I preordered the Switch version during visa $25 off $100 at best buy making the preorder about $37. So I'm upgrading to switch version for about $10. This i why I don't like to go digital.

Wed Feb 08 17 04:53pm
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Also having two items a once could fundamentally change the gaming mechanic's, which would then could be a different game to play or beat,
example : near the Finnish Line dodging one red shell might be possible but dodging two at the same time might make the game more challenging.

I guess we will see, great thing about the game you can always have fun no matter.

Signed Nintenja *

Wed Feb 08 17 05:09pm
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Maybe Nintendo can make a new F-Zero, Excitebike, or Kirby Air Ride game.
Edit: I forgot about Wave race!

I would LOVE another Air Ride. Kirby and a star vehicle would also be great in Mario Kart.

Fri Feb 10 17 08:53am
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Even though I already own this game I will be buying it again on Switch. I may sell my Wii U version and get the Switch version.


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