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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe producer on where Switch's extra power came into play, improved gyro controls, DLC possibilities

by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2017
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Coming from a Famitsu interview with Nintendo's Kosuke Yabuki

- Kosuke Yabuki worked on both Arms and Mario Kart 8 DX simultaneously.
- Yabuki was very excited to make this version for Switch
- Wanted to deliver a Mario Kart game immediately and not start from scratch.
- Nintendo EPD used the extra power for 1080p/60fps on tv mode.
- Yabuki says the extra ram allowed his team to experiment with holding multiple items at once. (all 12 characters can hold 2 items at a time)
- Consulted with Nogami for the Splatoon stage and characters
- Lot of strategy can be used in battle mode
- Gyro controls improved
- Doesn't completely shutdown the idea of future DLC, but he says the game already has so much content.