Another look at the Super Mario Galaxy 3DS fan project

The power of Unity is at work here, and the results are pretty damn nice. I'll take any excuse to play Super Mario Galaxy again. Take note, Nintendo!

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Thu Feb 09 17 07:10pm
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World looks dead and lacked the sheen of SMG. These fan projects are nice but that's nothing more than a 3D world modeled after Mario Galaxy with Mario walking in a circle.

I also noticed it's being controlled via the Dpad. Why?

I also noticed it's being controlled via the Dpad. Why?

Like Blackout said below, it might be because the SM64 DS engine is involved somehow. My initial thought was that he might have mapped the analog stick to the camera, but the camera is turning every which way without him touching it.

But yeah, I'm rarely impressed by these fan recreations as well. I saw the still of the video and was like "Wow! they somehow managed to port it to 3DS?!" But alas, definitely not the case.

Thu Feb 09 17 07:43pm
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According to the description this is really more of a tech demo than anything, not an actual full blown project. Guy even said in the comments of his "Pokemon Snap on 3DS" video that his demos are meant purely as personal demos he's NOT planning on releasing public, the only aspects he will release are the scripts and such for the stuff that aren't copy-written.

He's clearly a talented game programmer but them graphics doe. is that the SM64DS engine?

Nah... Hopefully this gen will see Nintendo actually re-release the Galaxy games as part of a HD Collection this time.

Super Mario 64 Galaxy! Playing it would just make you wish you were playing the Wii versions.


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