Today's BIG Story 2/10/17: Exclusive info on GameStop's Switch demo units!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Feb. 10th, 2017. We've got some more exclusive info for you on GameStop's upcoming Switch demo units!

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They probably don't want people running off with the JoyCons or messing up the system. Have you seen what some of the Vita's and Wii U's look like? #savages!

Sat Feb 11 17 11:36am
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Back in the DS days, I talked to a merchandising rep who was changing out a DS demo unit at Walmart in a relatively small and quiet town. The DS was absolutely destroyed and the bottom screen had holes beaten into it. The rep said it was the second time he was there to replace it that month.

After that day, I decided I would never blame any of the platform holders for not providing a demo unit in stores because certain people can't help but ruin things for everyone else.

I can never understand for the LIFE of me why Nintendo never put f***ing screen protector on the DS/Wii U retail units. Every time you would ever see them the bottom screen would look like someone took a razor to it. I do think retail units are important still, especially in stores like Walmart and Target.

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