RUMOR - New round of Switch info shows more online details, system specs, dev info and much more

-HD Rumble's technical name is a Linear resonant actuator
- When in handheld mode, the Switch will have an unlock screen like a smartphone to prevent accidental waking.
- The Switch features a Quick Menu. Press and hold the HOME Button for at least one second to display the Quick Settings screen on top of all other screens, including the HOME Menu and any applications. Unlike the 3DS, the active software will not be suspended when this menu is invoked
- The Switch's keyboard will feature predictive text such as those on iOS and Android
- System Settings will allow the user to edit the following settings:

Flight Mode Toggle
Enable/Disable Bluetooth
Manage Wi-fi
Manage NFC
Manage screen brightness
Screen lock
User Settings
Create/Edit Mii
Theme management
Controller management
System Update

- Miis will have more options for hair, eyebrows, eyes, facial hair, glasses, mouths, and skin.
- Miis will not store the creator's name, their favorites, and their birthday anymore. Anyone can edit Mii characters
- Developers can create and sell Season Passes for their games
- This document confirms an X1 like SoC using Maxwell on the final retail version
- There are NO plans to provide an Internet Browser at this stage but developers are able to access a web applet to display specific websites within their game/app
- A maximum of 8 users can be registered on a system
- Friend requests and game invites CAN be sent from the console.
- "Friend Presence is a feature that uses the Internet to convey information in real time about the online status of friends and the applications they are playing. Among possibilities, we see this being used in the application to check whether friends are in the joinable state, and to use the Friend List system feature screen to show what applications friends are playing."
- A Nintendo Account can be linked to multiple Switches BUT save data is not automatically synchronized
- There are TWO dev kit devices: SDEV and EDEV
- SDEV - Has built-in ports; no built-in battery
- EDEV - Resembles the retail product exactly but is black color
- Game cards come in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB variations.
- Nintendo is expanding its online network and offers a library called Network Extension (NEX).


This feature matches players for multiplayer games. It can be used to bring players together based on matching criteria from among unspecified numbers of users, or to create groups among friends only. Groups can be created temporarily for a multiplayer game, or they can be created as lasting entities usable as communities.


This feature uploads scores so users can get the relative rankings. Rankings can be calculated for only a certain period of time, or for only the scores of players registered in a certain group, and the score information can be periodically reset.

Data Store:

This is a network storage feature. Any data can be optionally saved to the game server. This saved data can be tagged, searched, and appended with ratings and the like.


This is a messaging feature based on the publish-subscribe pattern. It can be used to post messages on certain topics, poll for posts on certain topic, and otherwise share information within the application.

- will release without support for free-to-play purchases
- at launch, Switch will only provide support for standard DLC, one-time purchase items, or subscription-based purchases
- timing for support of premium currency is to be determined

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Yeah, the UI looks very sleek, I just wish it didn't constantly call me a dummy.

If any of this is somehow legit then someone's getting fired for breaking NDA.

Why do you even need to say this? Does stating that someone is getting fired make you feel better about yourself?

What I'm saying is I feel it's kinda dumb for someone to risk their job like this. If those leaked pics are legit and get linked back to someone who was under some serious NDA they'll end up losing their job, which is something I DON'T wish upon someone.

It's just a good general that losing your job is the price for 5 seconds of internet fame.

Wow that's quite a lot. And it is also a little confusing. Hopefully a Nintendo direct pops up soon to clear this up before launch

Only 3 cores available and less ram than what it should be... yup, this is just a portable Wii U.

That's still hugely impressive. As a home console it's mediocre in 2017 but this should really be considered as a handheld that happens to be able to be connected to a TV and not the other way round, in spite of Nintendo's assertions.

This. I feel like calling it a home console instead of a portable that you can play in 1080p might leave a bad taste in some people's mouths. Because, fact is, it is weak for a home console, but extremely powerful for a portable.

Pretty much what I was thinking. I think it varies a bit by region though, in Japan they want to market it more as a portable because portables are what's huge there, while in the West they want to emphasize the "home console" aspect to appeal to the more "typical" gamer crowd, while the portable aspect is more "secondary." Really as you said it's more of a portable that just happens to have the ability to connect to the TV. It's like what the Vita should have been if you ask me.

What's interesting is that apparently even though applications can't use the resolution, the video output can theoretically go up to 4K according to the specs. So I wonder if Nintendo will let some approved apps utilize that resolution, such as Netflix.

A portable Wii U with more than 3 times the RAM accessible to games is still a big leap forward (Wii U had 2GBs, of which only 1 was accessible to games while the rest was reserved for the OS). I'd be more concerned about bandwidth than size really. That bandwidth, if it turns out to be true, does not bode well for the future as it's only a third of that of the XBox One, and that system gets around it by using a small pool of fast eSRAM to speed things up a bit further but even that is not enough to sustain full HD in modern games on that system. The Wii U was designed around a similar memory architecture, but as far as we know that is not the case of the Switch.

Though I guess, for all intents and purposes, the Switch will not be capable of aiming for the same kind of graphical fidelity as even the stock XBox One due to its GPU so having faster RAM might not amount to much if the GPU is to be yet another bottleneck? Granted those are rumoured leaked specs, so that's still all purely hypothetical.

Mon Feb 13 17 01:52pm
(Updated 1 time)

Except we've already seen that it's much stronger. Not to mention this rumor states it's a customized X1. When the base X1is more then twice as strong as a Wii U.

Do we know the RAM?

Boy, this is a sexy OS!

Yeah, the UI looks very sleek, I just wish it didn't constantly call me a dummy.

Switch's UI confirmed to be designed by Fred Sanford.

Mon Feb 13 17 01:11pm
(Updated 1 time)

So this 100% confirms no achievement system despite every other console having them. Damnit Nintendo...

The only positive from this would be the fact that a rumor I saw on reddit about an achievement system also deconfirmed GCN VC, which means if its false that there's still a chance for GCN VC to appear on the eShop still.

3 cores? Really? Did they not learn from the Wii U?


"There are NO plans to provide an Internet Browser at this stage but developers are able to access a web applet to display specific websites within their game/app "

*THERE'S* the entry point for homebrew. Just need one game to screw something up. :D

Mon Feb 13 17 01:15pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Overall clock speed likely matters more. I have a six core CPU on my PC that runs faster than the eight core CPUs in the PS4 and Xbox One. Now of course I'm not saying the Switch's is comparable to the PS4 or Xbone's clock speeds, but if it's not that much of a difference and porting from the other consoles is still possible (fact the console supports a wide array of modern engines and is getting ports of PS4 and Xbone games already helps) then the three cores might not seem like a bad thing provided they're clocked in at a decent speed.

I'd prefer they at least go with an even number like most systems. Working with an odd number of cores just seems awkward (yes, I realize the PS3 ran with 7 cores).

FACT CHECK: PS3 has ONE giant core that has 8 threads. Developers only had access to 6 of 8 threads.

I tend to interchange "SPE" with "Core".

The eight is what was physically on the chip, but one was either bad due to manufacturing issues or redundant incase one of the remaining seven failed. At most, a PS3 ran seven SPEs - six for the game, one for the OS/background.

Boo! You're no fun. Nobody likes reading your posts.

Nobody uses a console's browser as his main browser. Nobody. So why then make a browser at all? No loss here.

About the number of cores...
Go play PC/PS4.
You troll.

I wouldn't call him a troll, just a bit overly cynical. Trust me I've called him out a few times saying "why are you the webmaster for a Nintendo fan site when the only times I ever hear you speak up is when you have something NEGATIVE to say, but yet when something POSITIVE happens I don't hear a word of you?" and while he's never responded it's clear he's not a "troll," just someone who seems a bit too cynical most of the time.

Mon Feb 13 17 02:25pm
(Updated 1 time)

I will admit there are times when I'm overly hard on Nintendo (I'm looking at you, NOA), but I like to call it "(very) tough love"...

With the way devs are going (with bloated games requiring installs, uncompressed assets for no reason), systems need to be as powerful as they can be. I don't think any of us wants to see yet another generation of Nintendo systems with no 3rd party support.

Say what you want about sales playing a factor into it, but the fact the Wii U being poorly set up to handle modern day pre-built engines (well) was a large part in why some 3rd party games never came to it (or ran like crap).

Really part of the problem is in fact with third parties themselves, it seems too many of them are working with this mindset they can reach CoD or GTA level numbers, to the point where not even 2 or 3 million sold can break even on certain huge third party releases. It's actually rather sad that so many third parties are going out of business because the budget on some of their games is simply just way too damn high that breaking even is nearly impossible.

But on the subject of the Switch, as I said the fact it can run many modern engines no problem is certainly a really good sign it's not gonna be Wii or Wii U levels of "weaker than the competition" that made porting some games really difficult. One best case scenario is maybe this is more of a PS2 like situation, where sure it's weaker compared to the other two, but not so much so that companies think a port job is impossible altogether (hell RE4 sold better on PS2 despite not looking as good as the Gamecube version).

I use my wii u browser easily as much as my pc browser.
So yeah, this particular point bothers me.

That being said, this is just rumour and Kimishima has stated it's not there YET. Just like Netflix which is another thing that I really want on the system.

Mon Feb 13 17 01:52pm
Rating: 1

The high number of cores that the other consoles have do not utilize it for games, however. From what I understand, the PS4 and Xbox One uses a certain amount of cores for games and the others for stand-by game recording, streaming, media player, web browsing for more excessive pages, Television broadcasting, and much more in order to be a entertainment device.

*THERE'S* the entry point for homebrew. Just need one game to screw something up. :D
I hope so. I want a way to play Switch ISOs that I downloaded from the Internet

FACT CHECK: The Wii U had 3 cores total. The OS drew resources from one of the bigger three cores. If these specs are right the switch has 4 ARM Cortex-A57 cores. One seems to be allocated to the OS meaning developers have access to 3 cores without having to worry about the OS tapping into their pool. This is already better than the Wii U without taking clock speed into consideration.

ADDITIONAL INFO: The PS4 has 8gigs of RAM and an 8 core CPU. Developers only have access to 4.5gigs and 6 cores. If the spec sheet is accurate I'm quite happy with the amount of RAM devs have access to on the Switch. It means the OS only takes 750mb. But it's all rumours so grain of salt everyone.

I imagine clock speeds and the like probably got boosted [considering this supposedly is from July last year].

Think I'll grab a PS4 and BotW for Wii U. Better luck next time, Nintendo!

Eh your loss more than anything really if specs are just THAT important to you. TBH if specs really mean that much you're better off making a good gaming PC, the only reason I even own a PS4 is for the select few exclusives on the console like Bloodborne and Uncharted.

Mon Feb 13 17 08:20pm
Rating: 1


You won't be missed <3

Hey wait, that first image has a left joycon that has a camera shaped button for screenshots instead of the square one that we've seen so far. What the what?

It may be from an older devkit, It still lists it as NX.

Mon Feb 13 17 02:22pm
Rating: 1

True. Maybe they changed the appearance of the button when they decided that the button would also be used for video capturing, further down the line?

No internet browser that's pretty dumb. Have you seen the look of this thing ?
Anyone would expect a thing that looks like this to go the internet.


Still excited.

Glad we're getting themes! Hopefully Nintendo can give us a 3DS like theme shop (spent more money than one should on them). Idc about the specs as long as we get some decent 3rd parties.

Where else would we be getting Themes from? ;p

Well what we've seen thus far (through leaks) it's just basic color themes. I meant like game specific themes like we got on the 3DS theme shop.

Ah, I got you. Still, considering how plentiful they were on the 3DS [compared to the Faceplates], I can't think that they'll have a whole setting on the Switch for such a basic selection forever.

Possibly it'll kick off with game specific ones around the time of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe [or Splatoon 2 latest].

What does "Functionality available from the application" even mean?

I can't believe they'd leave the fourth core locked. At least clock speeds are higher than the Eurogamer leak.

It means what amount of power the games have access to. It's the same deal with the PS4 and Xbone, they may have eight cores but I think at least half or so are reserved for the system OS and multimedia features, while only four or so can be used by a game. I could be wrong of course.

But yes clock speed arguably does matter more in the long run when it comes to running certain game engines like Unreal 4 and CryEngine. My PC has a six core CPU but the clock speed is still faster than the PS4 and Xbox One, so I can run most games faster than I can on console and with minimal load times.

Thanks! I thought as much. So the fourth core might be reserved for the UI and background processes? Still feels a bit bad, especially if the clock speeds are as low as what Eurogamer reported.

Yup, my PC CPU runs on four cores at 3,4 GHz and most games run pretty smooth! Of course the beefier GPUs than on consoles does a lot too.

Mon Feb 13 17 07:10pm
(Updated 2 times)

Very interesting. and soem very cool info that is pretty much well...just imagine thE SWITCH as actually in the "class" like i told a work colleague ..of the FIRST Xboxone and the first PS4. While it may not eb as powerful it is comparable..and it is THAT TINY FORM FACTOR...portable..and is a hybrid so it can be used on TV as well.
That is quite remarkable if you step back for a second and really consider what is happening here. Instead of just focusing on oh its weaker....*eyeroll*
Whats not to like?
Also...to those bitching about a primarily game console not having a web browser...
IT having a touchscreen and being tablet-like makes it fitting for one YES TOTALLY.... it does not matter that it doesn't have it at launch though whatsoever.

It is either bitching about a games console not having a browser of bitching by comparing it to TWO SPECIFIC OTHER COnsoels and sayign oh its weak.(dont mention those two are also weak and if u really want spec power play on the fkn PC. DONE.)

Also they have not ruled it out from what they said it could come in future. SO RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!
Nintendo is right...why allow the possibility of piracy so soon. lol

Dummy, Yeah. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfaL-wk3e-c

I'm pretty sure that this is older stuff from back when the July kit was assumed to be the final retail version.
The October kits were noticeably more powerful, so sources claim, so why would Nintendo make a more powerful kit if it was not that one which was destined to be reflective of the final version?
I'm not convinced that all of this still remains accurate.
There's obviously going to be some carryover, but many details will likely have changed.

They should really reconsider the web browser part...

Additional multimedia apps will probably start coming in the Fall [Netflix, Browser etc.] The Wii didn't start off with it's browser either [although the Wii U, yes, did].

Best to get games and the install base there first before devoting extra resources out I think.

those images have serial numbers, ip adress and MAC, so its reaaally easy to track its origin... someone is getting fired soon

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