GoNintendo Talking Points - Does ARMS stand a chance as an eSport?

Nintendo wants to position ARMS as a big eSport on Switch. Is this wishful thinking on Nintendo's part, or does the game stand a fighting chance?

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Not sure but Ribbon Girl is a babe and I want her in Smash. Haha

Can't disagree with you there.

Only one who's character design I don't like yet is Spring Man

Interestingly, I think it's usually just one character that people simply don't really like. For me, it's Nin...jara? That ninja guy, anyhow. I like the rest

Tue Feb 14 17 07:40am
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Step 1: release the game
Step 2: see if it gathers a big audience enough to see worldwide recognition
If both steps are affirmative then yes, the game might become an eSport

Step 0: either buy yourself sponsorships to be featured at EVO or be Capcom

Since the internet has decided the game only has 5 characters and 2 arenas and are only waggle, I fear it will get too bad a rep before it has a chance to. But I hope it'll make it. I can see this game being very entertaining to watch, competetively. ^^

Also, Master Mummy for Smash~

I had a very long and explanatory post on my view of the matter but it became a novel, so long-story short, no I don't think so.
Until Nintendo can manage to get Smash Bros. right, what chance will ARMS have as an eSport?

Tue Feb 14 17 08:53am
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I don't know, I'd really need to see more of it.

I saw what you posted before the edit. I wonder why you edited it out?
Anyway, I can't believe Nintendo would do something like this...

I did not get to play the game yet but I have a hard time believing that the controls are tight enough for a competitive scene to build itself around the game.

You can't let any variables in the end of chance, every input needs to be registered without any lag so if there is the slightest of inaccuracy in ARMS, it won't work. I think

Tue Feb 14 17 09:03am
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There is also a control style that doesn't use motion controls, though

True, did not think about that.

I guess we'll wait and see how technical the game can get. Would be funny to get someone in finals playing with motion against someone playing with a classic controller. I'd say the main points are: the game needs to be technical, fast, responsive, and entertaining for an audience.

How is Pokken Tournament doing on the eSports scene? Smash is doing pretty good I think.

Well, it almost beat out UMVC3 into the EVO vote this year, and it's returning to the pokemon championship. But what it really needs is an arcade accurate switch release

I've tried it and yes, I think it has a chance as an esport title.

If Nintendo are serious on becoming a big part of the eSports scene the first thing they have to do is change their stance on streamers and YouTubers playing their games. People are advertising for their games, they should embrace that, and not try to hinder people doing so!

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