Today's BIG Story 2/14/17 - Zelda: BotW to launch with $20 DLC

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Feb. 14th, 2017. Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to launch alongside a $20 DLC pack. This is a first for the series.

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I feel like that title is a little misleading, it's more of a pre-purchase than day one.

Would people rather pay 80$ and get the full game with none DLC or pay 60$ for the game and then 20$ for DLC?

I think the latter is the better option considering is 9 months later after the launch of the original game. I mean in both a cynic and positive take. Wii U owners will have something to look for by year's end. That in a way is kind of amazing, all things considered.

Problem with that wording is it is already a full game. This isn't even made yet, and the game is what they intended. The DLC is extra stuff.

But yeah, I mean, people are paying $130+ to get collectable nothings or buying a whole new system for the better version, but bitching about actual new content.

Should have Said none DLC/free DLC for 80$

I feel like that title is a little misleading, it's more of a pre-purchase than day one.

I would have to agree with you about this.

Tue Feb 14 17 04:31pm
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Damned if they do, damned if they don't. I have no real issue with this (well... I have one small issue and this was going to happen someday), but that is because going by my experience with MK8, there is a good chance this will be DLC worth the price. I have yet to be burnt by DLC from Nintendo.

Tue Feb 14 17 04:48pm
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I bought into Mario Kart 8's "season pass" and there wasn't a single thing I could have complained about. The value was absolutely there, and if that's the bar Nintendo is setting for themselves...I hope to see this become the norm among the entire industry.

My one gripe in this is how this was announced weeks before launch, the Big N should have known it would have rubbed some people the wrong way.

I see what your saying about how and when they announced this but, I feel that is just remnants from being burnt by so many companies in the past when it comes with DLC. I mean, if we were in an era/world where DLC was done right and we didn't have any fears of being ripped off, this would have just been seen as them getting us hyped early.

But, once I feel that Nintendo has burnt me when it comes to DLC, I'll just stop supporting it. Also, as people keep pointing out, maybe they are really behind the times and they just have yet to realize how bad advertising DLC like this is in this era lol.

Tue Feb 14 17 04:35pm
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Holy shovel.
It's the first I hear of it because of time difference.
OMG honestly I'm shocked.

That's just very, very sad.

EDIT : Now I know all about it, especially the release dates, and it turns out it's perfectly fine.

Jeez. I don't know why people are flipping out. It's not like it's day 1 DLC. It's stuff coming later in the year... And you can buy it THEN if the content seems worth it. Nobody is twisting your arm to buy it now. And again... It's not Day 1 DLC so nobody will be missing any content here.

I think the main issues are announcing it before the game launches, being to vague about what's included, and how you can't buy the packs separately.

I'm not bothered by 3 weeks before launch. The game is definitely finished right now. If they are jumping right into DLC development now... Well, sounds reasonable.

It has been said people are more eager to buy DLC at game launch than 3 or so months down the line. I suppose it's also do to the nature of waiting for games that make people save just for that one.

My problem with this are, for example, those treasure chests. Being placed on the Great Plateau makes you want to have access to them when you start a new game. So a lot if people will most certainly consider buying the Expansion Pass as soon as it becomes available.

And since almost everyone who pre-ordered a Switch also pre-ordered BotW (including me), this means a lot of extra cash for Nintendo. Which, in return, makes me a little angry about the way they announced the DLC.

Exactly. It seems a bit underhanded for these reasons, regardless of whether the DLC will be worth it in the end or not. The added chests costs them no effort, but it's empty enticement for people to buy the pass as soon as possible, and the fact they announced the DLC before they themselves even seem to really know what it is (I mean, why else stay so vague?) just seems like they wanted to cash as much money while the iron is still hot.

While not DLC in this same sense, I'd like to contrast it to Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's Kickstarter. I haven't played the game yet, but the Kickstarter made it very clear what kind of extra content you'd get when they reach funding goals. They clearly already thought out what exactly they wanted to do, but simply needed the money to do it. Then look at Nintendo, and it just seems like they thought:
"Hm. We want to have more money, so we'll just have to sell DLC. But what will the DLC be like? Dunno, just extra story or something; we'll figure it out along the way. But for now, lets just add a single exclusive item so that people will feel the need to already buy this DLC"

More of a pre-order than a launch, if the content is coming in the summer and winter of 2017.

Tue Feb 14 17 05:07pm
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Actually, today's big story is that it is my birthday!


Happy birthday then Blade_Master !

Thanks Thorn-Rock, appreciate it!

Boldog születésnapot, gratuleret med dagen, alles gutes zum geburztag... I forgot how to say in Japanese... these three should be enough..

Tue Feb 14 17 08:03pm
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Takk skal du ha!
Vielen Dank!

*translated via google*

Feliz cumpleaños! Omedetou!

Thank you kindly Vonter!

Happy birthday / Happy Valentine's Day / Happy Extraterrestrial Visitor Day.

Thanks Fred Duck. Two of those apply here...

So.... any bets on whether this story DLC takes before or after the main campaign?

I suppose it could also be a trading quest of sorts giving an excuse to wander all around the world all over again.

If it's not yet in the game I suppose the Cave of challenges could give you the projectile sword from the original game. That'll be a worthy reward.

I would love if the story DLC is centered around a playable Zelda/Sheik if she's not already in the main game. This way they can use it as a sort of tryout without having to commit a new game from scratch.

Exactly. Still, it does come back that Aonuma comment of "What will Link do then?". (Except if it's a prequel story and Link is asleep).

I think there's a fairly easy workaround for them. Do a story with Link becoming a hero in distress that Zelda needs to rescue. It could be as simple as that. lol

Super Princess Zelda will be on the case, on the case of the Missing Link, quickly she'll call Epona to travel around the world learning about different cultures and recovering missing landmarks stolen by Ganon. While not letting Dark Zelda or the Other Zelda take her down.

All in all as long as she's not as chatty as the girl from Horizon, it'll be fine.

Tue Feb 14 17 06:26pm
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Sounds good to me but....

The game is big enough already which will take us weeks to months to beat it & the DLC is optional so why the uproar.

My main question is whether the content is long enough to be worth $20. I'm probably going to cave in and buy it anyways, but unlike the Mario Kart 8 DLC, it's not immediately obvious that it's definitely worth the price. (The MK8 season pass was 16 tracks for $12 and announced after the game launched, which was an insane value). Hard mode hopefully is different than the usual hero mode (I wouldn't pay for hero mode), and I don't like the usual Cave of Trials enough to pay $10. The story/new dungeon is what catches my interest, so I don't mind them working on DLC though.

In the case of Nintendo and there droughts having more of a good thing spaced throughout the year can only be a good thing. I do wonder how many enemy types will be to warrant a Cave of trials dungeon. That additional map feature bit makes me wonder if the dungeon will appear in the world and has it's own set of challenges to access it.

fred duck
Tue Feb 14 17 06:36pm
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Well, thanks Nintendo for announcing this. Now I'm not going to buy it. You saved me $60 right there.

Remember how you used to finish programming games before releasing them so people could experience a balanced, polished game at their own pace without being pestered to buy the rest of the game that we've already paid for? Well, since I don't buy DLC and I don't want to deal with incomplete games, then that's that. There's no such thing as "good DLC." It's all "We didn't finish the game before selling it to you; please pay up."

Tue Feb 14 17 07:03pm
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So now the game is incomplete because they announced an expansion pack that the main part of its content will be released in up to 9 months after BoTW is released. If Nintendo decided to announce this after BotW was already released, what would you have done then? Would you have sold your supposedly "incomplete" game? Was Smash 4 and MK 8 also incomplete when they released? You also have the option to idk not buy the expansion pack.

What exactly is wrong with releasing an expansion to an already huge game? We also do not have all the details, we could play as Zelda in this new area for all we know. People are seriously taking this as if it was on disk day 1 dlc which is ridiculous.

Kuro said:
Would you have sold your supposedly "incomplete" game?

I don't sell games. One way only, I'm afraid.

Kuro said:
Was Smash 4 and MK 8 also incomplete when they released?

MK8, no, but they fixed that.

Kuro said:
You also have the option to idk not buy the expansion pack.

Yes, just as you have the option to not use every character, explore every side quest, or replay to see every branching choice.

Nintendo had the option to release a complete, single game, like they had been doing all through the NES, Super NES, N64, GameCube, and Wii days. Instead, they want to rip people off like all the other companies. Thus, I'm taking the option to not be ripped off.

Will players have the option to turn off any tacky in-game advertising, as seen in MK8?

Kuro said:
What exactly is wrong with releasing an expansion to an already huge game?

If it's so huge, why would it need an expansion? Are the ideas presented in said expansion really, really good? Are they so good they'd want everyone to experience them? Then they should have:

a) been in the game to start
b) been left for a sequel to make the next game that much more awesome
c) used them in some other game

Instead, since less than 100% of people pay for DLC, they're intentionally cutting off a certain part of their player base / fanbase purely out of greed. I'm not going to support that.

I'm not a company. I'm a person, ie, a potential customer. I see things from the customer's point of view. The question to ask: "Is this the best way it could've been done?"

Kuro said:
People are seriously taking this as if it was on disk day 1 dlc which is ridiculous.

Funny you bring that up...remember when Capcom said on-disc DLC was the same as regular DLC and the internet disagreed with them? Who do you think would be in a position to know, a company who makes games or a bunch of know-nothing consumers? The company just sits on it for a few months and voila, "new" stuff.

The game went gold 2 weeks ago. They decided they had a few more idea they wanted to put into the game, and decided to have a small team go back and do them, and being Nintendo decided to be transparent and announce the intent right now.

Everybody is being silly and rather self entitled about all this

They decided they had a few more idea they wanted to put into the game, and decided to have a small team go back and do them, and being Nintendo decided to be transparent and announce the intent right now.

You know, people wouldn't stand for this in any other industry. An author isn't going to chase down readers and hand them a handful of extra pages they came up with "later." A building contractor would catch a lot of flack for leaving a spare door leading out of the house "for future expansions." Have you ever tried to turn in an essay at school, then hand in an extra couple of pages six months later? Why do people think it's perfectly fine to rush a game out unfinished, then sell the missing bits for extra cash?

The only transparency going on here is their unmitigated greed.

Everybody is being silly and rather self entitled about all this

Yes, companies are acting entitled, as if pretending to draw a line in the sand and saying, "THIS part is the disc part of the game and this part is the DLC" means they "finished" it where the imaginary line is.

Like, does that even make any sense? Who came up with that nonsense mental gymnastics backwards apology?

Listen, companies lie to customers ALL the time. Have you ever heard any company at any time tell you that the DLC was made at the same time as the rest of the game? No one has EVER said this. Never, ever. So, either you can believe that DLC is a sacred thing that no one can ever possibly lie about, or someone's lying.

Tue Feb 14 17 11:26pm
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Actually, it does happen in books, it's called epilogues, and addendum. For Example Tolkien decided to expound on Gandalf's story in the Hobbit, but couldn't add it to the book itself without disrupting, so he decided to add the tale of Gandalf's encounter with the Necromancer, with gives more context to the hobbit and far more depth to LOTR itself by putting it in an addendum in LOTR.
Plays, especially went through multiple revisions, sometimes changing the entire context of the story, heck Shakespeare's plays are famous for having multiple folios or versions if you prefer the terminology.

Wed Feb 15 17 06:19am
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Yes that's what I want them to do.
I want them to do interesting stuff, expand the myth that Zelda has become, through this extra story, and maybe even more in the future.

Example to follow : Tolkien. Example not to follow : SE "expanding" on FFXV/FFXIII/FFVII.

Tue Feb 14 17 08:39pm
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Except it doesn't launch with $20 DLC.

It launches with a preorder for DLC that isn't out until summer & next winter, and the only real part is the winter one.

And you aren't penalized for waiting until winter because the DLC bundle is the only choice (not sold separately, you always get the Switch shirt extra chests).

Wed Feb 15 17 12:53am
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Better than locking that stuff to a glorified Happy Meal toy, I guess.

Wed Feb 15 17 01:15am
(Updated 1 time)

Me thinks RMC likes making these headlines to rile up the Nintendo fanbase and how easy it seems.

I've been thinking about all this and really there is not much wrong with that.
To be honest the one thing that bothers me is that I need to know more about the hard mode to see why it's being sold as dlc. If they need more time to implement it, that might be because it's more than just double damage stuff. That might be because they're going for a complete rebalancing of the game or maybe cutting gameplay possibilities to make the game harder SS style.

For all I know this hard mode could range anywhere between super basic Ganondorf amiibo in TPHD and really changing gameplay SS Hero Mode style. Hell it could even go as far as the complete overhaul that the Master Quest in OOT was. So I need to know more before I decide if I'm mad about this.

But the rest of it ? It's pure gold. I would even go as far as to say that's how season pass should be done. We know when dlcs wil release, we know roughly what's going to be there, we know it's not overpriced in the sense that it at least doesn't double the price of the game. We wlso know we can trust Nintendo with the value given through dlcs, they've done it before. That's already better than most season pass out there.

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