Wed Feb 15 17 01:14pm
Rating: 1

Cool, that looks like a fun throw away mode.

The game barely could tell which motion he was doing. Sad considering that those Joycon are capable of that, easily

Yep. On top of that, it has massive input lag. You do a hadouken motion, and it only does the hadouken 1-2 seconds after that
And to compensate for that, it appears that the enemies just stand still instead of charging for you, making this mode really pointless. I feel like you'd have more fun actually pretending to be Ryu in your head and making hadouken motions, without the Switch

it looks unresponsive as hell

Hoping that the final version is better polished, because this looks like it could be fun to mess around with!

Nintendo is taking eSports seriously, and supports Capcom to bring USFII to the arenas!

However, they can only compete in this game mode.

yeah so that wasn't good. I can't shake off the picture of capcom showing nintendo that and "yeah we'll just show arms, don't strain yourself"

Hopefully the Capcom crew won't do something dumb again like releasing a fighting game WITHOUT an Arcade mode...

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