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They have an N64 emulator running on the system...very poorly if I might add.

Other than some slight sound glitching, it actually runs decently. Especially considering this system was only meant for NES games. Go to 8:50 and onward to see what I mean.

You didn't watch it till the end did you.

Whoopie, you can run the opening of SM64. Try getting 5 stars, run with little dips and I'll be convinced.

Thu Feb 16 17 04:15am
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may I remind you that BY FAR the cheapest emulator is the wii, going for as low as 30eu second hand, with support for all 8 and 16 bit devices, full GBA support (new emulator) partial N64/PSX/Saturn emulation and of course full GC emulation with virtual mem card using the wii controller as well as all wii games.

so hacking this nostalgic device is only made as proof of concept, you want a small box that runs tons of games, get a 2nd hand wii (with a 4eu component cable which does the EXACT same thing as the official one) and all this can be performed without having to remove a single screw!

EDIT also ALL light gun games work amazingly well with the poiter as well as kirby's tilt and tumble tilt sensor (nintendo you are an idiot really!)

This must be why Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition.

Huh? Just a few days ago they mentioned they're producing the NES Classic at a regular basis

Now imagine how insane it would be to see it play Wii Shop Original games, lol.


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