Swedish man lines up for Switch 15 days ahead of launch

The man in the picture above is Stan64. He's currently lined up outside of Webhallen Fridhemsplan in Stockholm, Sweden. He wants to make sure he's ready for the Switch midnight launch by being first in line! If you were looking for the Swedish equivalent to CaptainNintendoDude, here he is!

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I ordered from Webhallen. I really hope they will get in plenty to spare. Sweden is usually not a 'Nintendo land', so, I guess I have pretty good hopes for getting it. ^^

Anyways, I'd never be able to wait like this for one, personally.

Thu Feb 16 17 02:23pm
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A few weeks ago Webhallen said they got more Switch preorders than PS4, and that they were fully booked for their first shipment. Hope you ordered before then!

Ah, that is true, I read about that but completely forgot. XD Thank you.

I pre-ordered the same hour Webhallen's online store first ever got the order up, so I am pretty sure to be one of the first, me thinks. Smile And since they still have not put 'fully bookes', I hope that means they at least are not overwhelmed in this general area. I really hope I can get one at launch, I do not wanna have to wait extra time when I know Zelda spoilers will be everywhere...

Thank you. ^^

Yeah, if you ordered within the first hour you should hopefully be fine. Besides I'm guessing they'd probably have mailed you if you weren't gonna get it, tho idk how Webhallen usually handle such situations. They do mail me every now and then to say they still haven't got the Cloud amiibo, at least.

(I ordered my Switch back in June when it was still 'NX' so I better get it on launch or I'll be livid, haha.)

Yeah. Smile That is true. I have not gotten any mails about that, so, hopefully, it means I was fast enough. Nintendo stuff rarely get fully bookes THAT fast in Sweden (so far, for me). But I cannot help but worry. XD

(and yup, me too. Can't wait to finally play my NX, hehe)

All Swedish retailers have agreed on the same price, equivalent to 390 euros, so I ordered from Amazon France for 299 euros.

Oh my, your username...

I have yet to feel super comfortable with ordering things from outside of Sweden, so I simply settled for the more expensive Swedish price (for better or worse), but hope you'll get yours as well. ^^ And hope the price does go down a bit here. It is too expensive in the Nordic countries.

Thu Feb 16 17 11:24pm
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Oh my, your username...
*goes to Google Translate*
What. I don't even want to know what this username is a euphemism for

Never trust Swedish words, Nurio, my friend.

Or Swedes. >:3

But I trust you!
...Shouldn't I?

Least of all me. Obviously.

But I guess it is too late. You will regret the day you trust MoM, Nurio. *scares you in PMs*

I'll stop being off topic now... ahem. ^^ Glad there are at least some Swedes that are all for the Switch. Sweden has not been too happy with Nintendo for some time now.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting in the comfort of my own home while the Switch comes to me. Smile

Unfortunate for him that some people got it today....

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