The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features Dutch subs with English voices

Well this is an interesting find by NintenDaan. We've be hearing about the inability to mix/match subs and voices, but it seems Dutch players will have at least one option outside of their native tongue. Could this be the situation in select other parts of the world?


Thu Feb 16 17 02:01pm
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Everyone better grab their pitchforks

because the Netherlands is one of the largest farming areas in the world

I actually mentioned this way way back, during the Switch presentation, and I think all Dutch people already figured as much. The Dutch trailer for BotW was in English, so it was clear that the game was going to be in English for us.
The Dutch subs is the only thing that was unclear until now. I just hope that that can be turned into English as well, instead of it being locked to Dutch. That would be kinda counter to the idea of keeping the English voices

Fri Feb 17 17 03:23am
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So this happens if you set the console to Dutch as language. No worries, I'll keep my Switch on "English".

And yeah, I already knew that there wouldn't be any Dutch voice acting.

Are you certain it works like this? I mean, I presume as much myself, but I'd like to have some confirmation

Fri Feb 17 17 01:41pm
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I don't have the game yet, but as the fact that the settings menu is shown off in a video and there are no language options (also stated by Nintendo) except for the console's language. It's not too hard to put together a theory here ;)

And I'm 100% sure that setting the console to English will keep everything English. Because that's why that option is there ;)

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