A Switch has made it out into the wild, brings first look at eShop with it

Someone on NeoGAF claiming to just be "lucky", has received a Switch. We don't believe it's a press person, as the person posting doesn't have any games to try out. He also says he got it early from a retailer. Keep an eye on the madness here. Thanks to PixelBuster for the heads up!

UPDATE - Here's some setup footage!

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Thu Feb 16 17 03:10pm
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my reaction is just like that toad

Thu Feb 16 17 03:10pm
Rating: 12

my reaction is just like that toad

Hmm so are Nin ninjas going to show up at Gaf & take it away from the person?

He's afraid to get online with it. Come on dude see if there's any sign of GameCube games in that Eshop.

I doubt it would be there at launch.

Looking at that main page, I feel like it's one of two things. Either the eShop isn't populated 2 weeks before launch/without an update, or the eShop will not contain any Virtual Console titles at launch. One of the thumbnails within the top left thumbnail looks like it has either Super Mario World or Yoshis Island though so who knows.

Chances are pretty high the eShop may not even be up yet, and they could get banned. Not really worth it.

More importantly, probably no Virtual Console either.

Thu Feb 16 17 03:31pm
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Back in the day they shipped the DS units to even tiny EBGs like mine 3 weeks in advance, so the timing seems right. My manager let everyone who'd pre-ordered one take it home when they arrived, because as far as he was concerned we'd need to know how to sell them. Games starting coming in about 10-14 days before launch and we were permitted to take those as well providing we had fully pre-ordered. By the time the system launched I'd essentially 'finished' XX/XY and Spiderman.

(And no, I'm not justifying this -- it was wrong, I was young and dumb, and I'm fully aware now I could have been in serious trouble for doing this)

Thu Feb 16 17 03:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

Lucky my butt. Probably got someone to swipe him one. I use to have people offering me hundreds of dollars for me to give them PS4, X1, and Wii U before they came out while working in Wal-Mart electronics department.

You see, if I was ever that 1st lucky SOB, I would have uploaded 400 new pics to Imgur and 13 Video's detailing everything from the feel of the system to the smell coming from the vents as the system purrs along.

I was falling asleep but hype overload has kicked in until we all find out it's a fake!

Awww snap. Dis just got real.

A random person online being the first to post a Nintendo Switch OS video / demonstration. Wow... xD

The whole "Region selection" thing being done BEFORE making a user makes me scared we can't change the continent of choice after the initial setup, which would be really bad for JPN VC imports...

"The user will access the Nintendo eShop that corresponds to the country identified in their Nintendo Account. (Up to eight user accounts can be created on a single Nintendo Switch system.)"

Nintendo account... But that's different than a user. Unless you link it to a user? Maybe I should make a NCL Nintendo account before launch to make sure

I believe it's already been confirmed that you can make an account for another region as well on the same device.

I'm pretty sure! But I may have misread something a while back.

The Switch is region free, so imports are fine. Unless by "imports" you mean downloads from other countries. Cuz physical games will work no matter what

Oh I know that, but retail imports are pretty much pointless unless its a major niche franchise like Ys since nowadays a lot of games come over here rather quickly. It's the low budget eShop games or the VC titles that never got a translation that I want, hence why I feel the need to make a JPN NNID so I can buy Panel De Pon, FE 3-6, and more JPN only games.

Fri Feb 17 17 11:37am
(Updated 1 time)

I understand now, but I feel
I should let you know that Almost everything gets a physical release in Japan. Digital games don't sell well at all, so small indie game should release under indie publishers like the "simple series" and "classics X" lines.

But I get it.

It will matter when Fatal Frame 6 doesn't come over here because they did such a poor launch for 5 and made it digital only at a time where many couldn't fit it.

Goodness gracious every UI sound that thing makes is addicting

Really like it! Smooth, fast, and love the sounds. Hopefully we can see some Mii Maker and other stuff soon!

So many fun noises lol

So Wii U OS has more personality, but ain't very fast, whereas Switch's default OS is bland as, but is very fast.

Leavin it up to the users to decorate up the OS [or not] using the Theme Shop is a wise move.

Thu Feb 16 17 04:33pm
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The UI is just like Android. I really like it. Isn't the OS based on Linux or am I wrong about that?

Thu Feb 16 17 04:34pm
(Updated 1 time)

WOW. February 16th and he's got a SWITCH.
It's 2 weeks early for him.
How lucky.

heh. I wont be getting none until maybe Xmas time all goes well. or maybe mid year depending on my finance situation. So I will be missing Splatoon 2 demo Testfire in March ..ah well.

Oh yeah, he's got the online fame, but no games to play for 2 weeks :p

I'd be happy with that, and not even for online fame. I'd just enjoying holding the system, seeing the UI firsthand, and showing all my friends my new toy!

Thu Feb 16 17 04:50pm
Rating: 2

Having one but with zero games to play on it...MUST BE TORTURE.

Is RMC confusing the News section for the eShop?

Yes, that's the news page.

Thu Feb 16 17 05:17pm
(Updated 1 time)

Cool, but it's just a shame you have to go through so much convoluted crap with modern consoles just to even start using them properly. This is why something like the NES Mini is so special imo; it's pure and simple like gaming used to be and still kinda should be imo..

- No e-Shop
- No Account
- No online
- No updates

I agree consoles should streamline the fluff, but that's the thing, when you have too many options there's also many things that can go wrong. I mean every modern device has an operating system with interface and other stuff to both protect consumer and game manufacturer.

I think someone at the retailer wanted to let it out to the person so he can make that person be the first in the world to get one & make CND the 2nd person now.

CND won't be second either though. There's actually a couple dozen time zones in the world and Eastern time doesn't come first. By the time CND has his hands on a Switch, there will be a LOT of people who already have one. Heck, he gets his at midnight Eastern if I'm not mistaken... same time as anyone in EST who is first at their store's midnight launch.

Thu Feb 16 17 07:58pm
(Updated 2 times)

If that's the case then all these years Triforce Johnson was never first?

Triforce explains it in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z-CEpg89BQ
starting at 3:33 why they will get it first & its the same technique he has been doing to get his systems first.

Triforce is an idiot. I saw him in LA at the first legend of Zelda Symphony and he was kind of mean to a little kid.

Why you stating that here? You should be doing a youtube video on that & explain to the world about what happened. Stating it here will go no where.

Thu Feb 16 17 11:09pm
(Updated 1 time)

Someone already did and people still like that fool.

Edit: whole documentary

Kings of chinatown

I watched it and I assume you're referring to 36 seconds in. I don't see him being mean. You're being too sensitive. And no I'm not a fan or non-fan.

I'm not pointing at anyone here but I watched a video of him on his channel with CND & someone reported false play to his go fund me page to shut it down. There are messed up ppl out there that really hate ppl of color & are trying hard to bring him down. But in the end he proved his fund project is real ect.

I watched the whole video & all I can say is just edit & delete that link because it shows nothing.

Of course you can't watch the whole documentary on YouTube. This is just a trailer to the documentary of Justin Wong and Triforce is his team manager. I highly recommend it not for Triforce but to see the rise of Justin Wong in SFIV tournaments. Justin is a beast when it comes to fighting games and I would say he is way better than Daigo Umehara. It is a good documentary but the documentary also show how Triforce took advantage of Justin.

I haven't watched it but will do when I get a chance.

I mean maybe he's been first in the US at best, and for any system that released in NA first then sure, but many systems were released in Japan first and he definitely didn't get those first. Even now, he won't, no matter how he tries to rationalize it. Other people will be holding a Switch before him. He doesn't have it first, that's not how time works.

So that means in each country there is a no.1 person. So like you said just in America seems right.

Thu Feb 16 17 06:25pm
(Updated 1 time)

I always wondered what those two slits at the bottom of the screen are there for. It can't be just for design since it must add cost to the making of the system and quite frankly doesn't add anything worthwhile visually.

pretty sure those are the speaker slots

Good point, seeing as they do not appear to be anywhere else on the system. Damn that's small though! They looks even smaller than 3DS speakers!

Thu Feb 16 17 08:00pm
Rating: 1

Nin must have partnered with Bose.

Looks like about the same size as the Wii U Gamepad speakers.

If I got this... I'd probably fly to NY and show it off to the guy waiting in line.

Everything about the Switch seems like it's going to light my brain up with dopamine. Mmmm. Technology. :]

The UI looked pretty simple, but nice and easy to use. Can't wait to see what themes would be available.

Also its kinda funny that:

> Negative rating for news about a Nintendo fan camping for a month to get the switch

> Positive rating for news about person getting the Switch early and posting it online.

Thu Feb 16 17 07:22pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'd like to know if the power adapter has a detachable USB-C cable and how many amperes it outputs. Because if I end up ordering from the UK and end up with a UK plug charger I'm not going to be able to do anything with it, so I'd like to know that I can use another USB charger that I have lying around to hook up to the dock while the UK one will remain forever in its box (and not have to put yet another adapter on the end of it just to get it to work)

EDIT: Can't delete this post but I found what I was looking for. Sadly it doesn't have a detachable cable.

Those button presses. That UI. Think we're looking at the best handhelds right here.

I'm still in disbelief that, two weeks away, we still have not gotten an overview of the system's features from Nintendo, via a Direct. We still have no idea what the Virtual Console is going to be like, digital game transfer, nothing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens as much as the next person, but they've dropped the ball on not letting the consumer know exactly what this system is all about. Again, they primarily focus on their next wacky control scheme.


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