Imagine Dragons talks about working with Nintendo on the Switch Super Bowl commercial

Coming from a Radio.com interview with Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds...

R: You basically launched the song with a Super Bowl commercial. What’s the story behind the band teaming up with Nintendo for this huge commercial?

DR: It was pretty crazy how that happened. We put the song out and Nintendo contacted us and said, “Hey, we’d like to use this song for the Super Bowl.” We all grew up on Nintendo—N64 was like God’s greatest gift to teenage boys in the ’90s. That was such a big part of my youth and all the guys in the band so it was incredible to be part of a Super Bowl commercial like that. “Believer” had come out and they wanted the song. It happened really fast.

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Took my little brother to see them. They're pretty damn impressive live. Not in love with their music, but it's definitely solid stuff. I think they're a good band for American Nintendo commercials.

Didn't they release the ad a day after the song came out? That really is quick, damn!

I want a video game to look like that image. Im assuming its from their album artwork

It's from the 'Believer' single album cover, yes.

The Yoshida Brothers song, Inside the Sun, was used for the Nintendo Wii commercials. The White Denim song, Ha ha ha ha Yeah, was used for the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. The Imagine Dragons song, Believer, was used for the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl commercial. Does anyone know what is the name of the song that is used in the 1 2 Switch Party Trailer?

Crazy how Nintendo got on it so fast! I wonder what song they'd originally had in mind [as they must've been thinking of contacting Imagine Dragons for a while before, I presume].


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