Ultra Street Fighter II - official details on Way of the Hado, art gallery, and color edits

■ “Way of the Hado” Mode

Become Ryu from the first-person perspective and beat down the approaching Shadaloo Soldiers. Hold the Joy-Con controllers in each hand and unleash Hadokens and Shoryukens using motion controls and button combinations. Put in all of your passion and defeat longtime enemy M. Bison!

In addition to “Stage Mode,” in which you defeat enemies to clear stages, there is an “Endless Mode” to continue fighting until your health reaches zero, and a “Training Mode” to practice your techniques.

Additionally, you’ll be awarded “Growth Points” based on the gameplay content, which can be used to strengthen Ryu’s Attack, Speed, Guts, Defense, Luck, and Vital stats. Strengthen Ryu to your liking in order to aim for the high score!

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

■ Street Fighter Series High-Resolution Illustration Gallery

One of the charms of the Street Fighter series is its unique character design. In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, you can browse through over 1,400 carefully selected illustrations from SF20: The Art of Street Fighter.

■ Color Edit

With the new “Color Edit” feature, you can edit character colors to your liking and store them. You can customize character colors intuitively using the touchscreen. The colors you store can be used in arcade mode, as well as versus and online battles.

You can store up to 10 edited colors for each character.


Ugh, I wish it was SF3:3S coming to Switch instead of another version of 2. I'll probably end up getting this since I'll want a traditional fighter for the system, but I'll always have my fingers crossed for 3S sometime in the future.

I'm looking forward to this but I would LOVE to see SF3 get a similar treatment. My history with it comes down to a rental once back in the day. I'd love to dig into it now.

I think SF3 is one of the best in the series. It would be hard to give it this treatment though, thanks to its really fluid animation and all the frames they would have to redraw. They certainly couldn't farm that out to the same comic artists they used to redraw Street Fighter 2 (Studio Udon apparently had a hard time completing the HD SF2 art).

But I'd sure love to see somebody do it. SF3 was FANTASTIC.

Yeah, I don't think going HD is realistic. I would rather see things like edition select or even a straight up compilation. A rebalanced version (with a new character or two if we want to get greedy) with unlockables and online would be cool too. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and this will sell well, prompting them to give it a shot...

Hey, that's another game that uses the touch screen. I actually can only think of 2 games that use this feature

This game will be better than SF5 due to the fact of how much content this game has lol

This is so sick! So far they're putting together the best that this series has to offer, and some, and a little bit more for good measure; all on a cartridge!!! I feel like with this game, Capcom threw me a personal sympathy bone to a long forgotten Nintendo/Street Fighter II fan. lol

I'm as excited for this game as I am BoTW.


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