Disgaea 5 Complete will release for the Nintendo Switch on May 26

This is a snippet from the latest MCV issue...

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That's actually a pretty decent date.

That's the day I graduate! Omg!

This is day one purchase for me..

I'm really looking forward to this game. Disgaea was always a favorite of mine, but I stopped at 4 because of the cut content that was made into DLC. (Returning characters, extra modes, secret short story extras) but this seems to have all of that stuff included.

I don't think there is any other retail game that month so it's perfect for me.

RIME might also have a May release date..

This is the European release date, American to come tonight.

I have a vague craving for an SRPG that will probably be pretty strong by May. But the "5" in the title is dissuading me...having only played part of the first Disgaea, will I be able to get anything out of jumping in at #5?

Funny..I also only played some of the first one..but always liked the art style..

Due to Disgaea 5 being a prequel to the very first Disgaea, and the nature of Disgaea titles being standalone with guest appreances of past characters, you'll be fine.

I got this on my PS4, but I get it down the road on the Switch. It's a better pick-up and play on-the-go kind of game TBH. Love the art style of the game and has great personality from each of the characters.

Fri Feb 17 17 12:24pm
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This game is a day one buy for me. I want more JRPGs on the Switch. This, I Am Setsuna and Has-Been Heroes are all must buys.

Yeah they're so perfect for the platform. I think a lot of Vita owners are Switching over Smile

Well if the games are stand allne, I might have to check this out.

Sat Feb 18 17 12:02am
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Preordered the limited edition. :D
Will be my first Disgaea.

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