Kickstarter - Project Anora aiming for Switch release

Project Anora is a horror video game for the Nintendo Switch that will be developed by a close group of friends who all enjoy art and video games. Project Anora is a horror experience filled with mystery, suspense, puzzle-solving, and story telling. All of the game's content will be original, including the sound. We want this game to be influenced by our favorite games and movies. Everyone on our team is dedicated to creating a world filled with memorable experiences. We've worked together on many different projects and have finally settled on an idea we love and are inspired to complete. We've already put a lot of work into this project but would all love to be able to work on this full time! Some of the men and women working on Project Anora already have full time jobs, and would love nothing more than to pour our heart and souls into a video game instead! The funding of this game will ensure we provide 100% of our working time to this project. We are also happy to inform you that the content you see in our video was put together in 2 months, with a lot more we didn't want to spoil! We're excited about what we can produce in one year!

Kickstarter here

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This Kickstarter seems rather premature.

They have no gameplay, and don't even come close to mention some in the description... Yeah, that won't go well. I doubt they will get even half of what they ask. The video is not great, no presentation in it, no photo/drawing of the team... That campaign wouldn't have gone well during the golden age of Kickstarter, today, they'll have trouble getting a fifth of their goal. Sad

It still astounds me how little research people seems to do on successful campaigns... :/

Apparently they already failed once, targeting PC
and made little changes other than slapping ""for Nintendo Switch" on it.

Oh wow... a double fail. They didn't even try to understand why they failed.

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