Charles Martinet - local news video interview

There's just something so infectious about Mr. Martinet's personality, isn't there? He's always so chipper and fun. I hope that's the real him and not just an act!

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Seeing it written as "It's me, Mario" makes me imagine a flat midwesterner accent saying it.

Aye! This is my local news!

Having talked to him, there is a certain honesty in his happiness... I saw him in conventions, he actually stop signin for a minute when he see great cosplay, saying things like: "sorry, I really need to take this one!" and go running to take a photo of the cosplay, with a BIG smile on his face. His personality makes it hard to be upset by this, and some even followed him to take photos of the cosplay too! The lines for the signing were the best lines I've seen, with everyone filled with stupid grins (good stupid grins I mean) and laughter, everyone speaking with the stranger next to them like a good friend... I don't know if it's always the same, but this is one of my favorite memory ever. When I told him he was one of the reasons I was working in the game industry, he was honestly delighted. And the second I said I liked Waluigi, he started speaking like him, and drawing stupid mean things on his photo, like Waluigi would... That was perfect.

That's my Mario! Oh Charlie...how I wish I can ask you why you changed Wario's voice.....:')

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