Recently-published Sony patent shows off device very similar to Switch

There's no two ways about it. This device looks a lot like a Switch. The patent comes from Sony, and while it was submitted back in 2015, the patent was only just published now. Now we wait and see if this is something Sony actually moves forward on! Thanks to NintendoWiiBoy for the heads up.

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Fri Feb 17 17 04:45pm
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The Vita 2 is destined to succeed and kill the Switch.

-Colin Moriarity...probably

Reminds me of how the Wii went down.
The difference being, in the Wii's case, Sony had a wand controller patent first but didn't go through with it until Nintendo popularized it.
In this case, however, Nintendo seems to have had the idea before Sony (but after Nvidia), yet Sony still seems to be prepping in case the Switch is a hit, just like they did with the Move to try and counter the Wii.

It's a business. When rock was big, everyone wantwd to be a rock star. Money talks. Things is, only real rock stars survive since they are unique...

(Or they are trendy to sell by the name alone, but aint rock to me ; ) )

Fri Feb 17 17 04:52pm
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and yet...the analog sticks are STILL in the wrong place!

they will never ever learn...

Interestingly, I actually prefer them in this position, with the Xbox (and now also Switch) arrangement being a very good second

having played a number of 2D and 3D games on a number of consoles, I find the WiiU gamepad the best solution since you easily move your left hand a bit below and you can play any 2D game like you hold a SNES controller. The pro is nowhere nearly as ergonomic though.

Try the monkey ball test (PS2/GC) a game fa harder on the PS2 for all the wrong reasons. Some say that was a bad port control wise but I would also argue that if the stick is not on the 12 o clock position (the xbox pads are not exactly 12) then you can not play precision platrormers like that easily. It is an added burden you should not have.

I sadly don't have a PS2 or an actual PS2 controller to try out that exact setup. I only used a PS2-like controller for the PC and I also used Wii U Gamepad. With the latter, I find my thumb gradually slipping from the control stick if I keep walking forward in 3D games. But not with this PS2-like controller. And switching between D-pad and analog stick is faster and more comfortable on the PS2-like controller than on the Wii U Gamepad (like is necessary in Xenoblade Chronicles)

Fri Feb 17 17 04:55pm
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Blowing my mind that people think the switch did this first. The sony design actually looks more like project fiona which is now Razer pro and that was 2012. What the switch gets right is that it's easier to use and slick https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-edge-pro

Fri Feb 17 17 05:42pm
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And the Joy-Con are designed to be used as separate controllers for multiplayer! Something that no other tablet with detachable controllers have done.

Looking at the Razer Edge, I kinda wished the Switch Dock was as small as the Edge dock.. :D
I really like the Edge, but man it's pricey! At $1000 I'm not surprised that it hasn't caught on!

EDIT: Actually , looking into it more closely, while the Edge is appealing to a guy like me, I can definitely see why it hasn't become a hit:


It's not that Nintendo necessarily invents everything they do, but they are always taking the risk first and perfecting something that makes others follow suit.

I recall some years ago there being some sort of PlayStation controller patent where it is able to break off into halves and supports motion or something like that.
In all, I thought a recent quote that someone from Sony said handhelds are no longer a thing.

Thing looks ugly. I'm not sure why they would bother with detachable controllers if they can't be used individually as controllers or if it'll leave the device looking like a tablet with two sides sticking out.

Am I the only one who thinks it just looks like one piece of tech with no detachable parts? It really does look like a standard handheld rather than a Switch equivalent to me.

yeah doesn't look detachable at all, it would be so awkward with the stick. And at the end of the day, it's truly not like the ps5 or ps4eliteturbo will come out like that. Any gpu will always be more powerful and cheaper (for similar performance) in laptop / home console form , that's why it's bigger ! So it looks like the switch line is made for its own timeline .... at least until you know..v..r

Called it! And the Switch isn't even out.

Fri Feb 17 17 08:01pm
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Tch. They are so goddamn predictable. Turns out Nintendo was right on the money for staying mum about it for so long in fear of "other companies aping the idea".

Ah sony...Masters of Cut and Paste.

Fri Feb 17 17 08:58pm
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Whoa. Sony ripped off the Aikun Morphus X300!

Nin better hold onto Monster Hunter big time.

You forget that patents just come and go. Nintendo also had a lot of patents that were scrapped. Like being able to swap controllers. Mind you, Swap actual buttons of the controller, not detaching the entire controller like the switch.

On another note, the system needs to be at an affordable price if Sony wants to release it. They can't do the same mistake like the Vita and make it twice as expensive including storage.


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