Capcom talks about Switch dev kit costs, tech details, working on RE Engine support, interest in making AAA titles

The following comes from Nintendo’s Masaru Mitsuyoshi, who held a joint session with Capcom’s Masaru Ijuin about Switch.

- Switch dev kits cost roughly $450 to $500
- originally, the Joy-Cons were still in the research phase and weren’t included in the explanation document
- Ijuin from Capcom said that there was only a touch panel form factor and nothing like the Joy-Con
- Ijuin wasn’t sure in what way the device would be portable, but saw how things worked once the Jon-Cons were revealed
- hardware specs for Switch focus on high performance and low power
- you can achieve nVidia GeForce’s high performance capability in TV mode
- you also can use the same device running with a battery in tabletop mode and portable mode
- Nintendo is adopting an original operating system
- you can use plenty of hardware resources for gaming apps and it can secure enough memory space for these apps as well
- Nintendo is putting a high priority on wireless
- even if you go from TV mode to portable mode with Switch, it transmits without a disconnection
- Capcom had been working on Ultra Street Fighter II & are using their original engine MT Framework
- lots of staff at Capcom are used to the engine
- Capcom began to develop an environment to quickly examine the hardware right away
- they initially excluded support of hardware-specific features and also excluded sound and network support
- after this, Capcom began to develop a PC emulation environment in parallel
- Nintendo provided a GPU emulator which is capable of recreating the same shaders of the actual console on PC
- the Switch version of the GPU emulator is enhanced, so it was easier for Capcom to create a PC emulator
- it’s very easy to do iterations on PC, so the advantage of preparing a PC emulator is quite big
- one month was used to understand tools, development environment, and the SDK
- at first, Capcom could secure just two programmers to do the work
- with only one month and two people, they could port basic engine features
- the staff were accustomed to porting and previously developed a Wii U version MT Framework
- the hardware structure was easy to understand
- the port process was overwhelmingly faster than 3DS or Wii U
- on 3DS, it took four months with four people
- on Wii U, it took three months with five people
- the hardware structure was very easy to understand and it also had similarities to Wii U
- Capcom had told Nintendo that the initially planned memory space wasn’t enough
- Capcom’s request was accepted and the memory capacity became as per to their expectation
- there was some talk about whether they should go capacitive or pressure sensitive with the touchscreen
- the situation was considered based on the associated costs
- to examine the situation with the CPU clock and power consumption, it is necessary to have a high-load application
- during the early development stage, there are not many environments which fit that need
- since Capcom was able to get a grasp on Switch in just a month, Nintendo offered Capcom to work on the task
- Nintendo and Capcom collaborated using each other’s specialties
- Nintendo and Capcom built up a trusting relationship while going through a trial and error process
- Switch’s SOC power consumption takes a bigger toll on the GPU than the CPU
- Capcom asked Nintendo about implementing a feature to adjust the GPU clock corresponding on scenes
- Nintendo said that even if you lower the clock, the overall processing time will be longer
- it also won’t necessarily give an advantage in the end
- Capcom is looking into having the RE Engine compatible with Switch
- Capcom wants to develop AAA titles for the platform

Thanks to MandoBardanJusik for the heads up!


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Once again your comment lives up to your user name.

I don't know how you picked a name so perfect for your over all demeaner but you freaking nailed it.

Hmm wow. Maybe we will get a Resident Evil Switch game after all. I still feel like a lot of the big third-party Switch games are gonna be revealed at this E3, so it wouldn't surprise me if a Resident Evil is planned or in development for the Switch.

That would be great. If Nintendo can get past the Switch VR hurdle, RE7(or another number) VR will be easier to use, and portable as well.

Sat Feb 18 17 12:01pm
Rating: 1

So, from what I can get out of these details, it seems that the Switch can, indeed, produce pretty good graphics considering Capcom is trying to get the RE engine running on the system. Right? Right?!

Pretty much, since they worked closely with Nintendo, they can get a good grasp on the system and how to find those little details that can maximize system performance.

Sat Feb 18 17 05:29pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well and Capcom seems to have a solid track record at making great looking games for Nintendo systems. RE4 was one of the best looking titles at the time when it came out for the Gamecube and Revelations remains the most realistic looking game on 3DS (in my opinion, anyway. I can't think of another full 3DS game that looks more realistic than Revelations).

They indeed make GREAT use of the shaders available, especially for simulating the wetness that was everywhere. I think it is one the the most shader-heavy game on the console.

Oh, there definitely was a lot of wetness everywhere when RE4 came along ❤️️

Well, I was speaking of Revelation, but yeah, there sure was.

Yeah, RE4 was brilliant. It's the one game's release date that's seemingly burned in my mind(Jan 11, 2005 in US).

like many things in life show don't tell. Even with my overly optimistic view on the 3ds line, I was pretty sure monster hunter will be on switch. so that's probably just that. I truly cannot stomach another round of re ports

Once again your comment lives up to your user name.

I don't know how you picked a name so perfect for your over all demeaner but you freaking nailed it.

Sat Feb 18 17 01:30pm
Rating: 1

You know what Capcom ought to make for the Switch besides Street Fighter and Monster Hunter as well as Resident Evil?

Oh let's see...how about Power Stone, Strider, Final Fight, Mega Man, heck, how about just bring back any dormant IPs out there?

Or how about a new Breath Of Fire game?

Sat Feb 18 17 01:33pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 2 times)

That was weird! rare to get so detailed and almost technical talks by big third parties like this. Not that I complain, that was very interesting for me, and make me more and more interested in working on a game for Switch!

Also: WOW the price of the devkit!!! I could buy one! O-O
I'm seriously starting to think about it...

Sat Feb 18 17 03:37pm
(Updated 1 time)

Also: WOW the price of the devkit!!! I could buy one! O-O

I know! I never knew how much a devkit cost. I figured they were thousands of dolllars.

They used to be. Now everything is pretty much a PC mini.

Did you just call him little? That's just rude


It is/was. It kind of makes someone feel ridiculous for recently dropping $3k on the 3Ds devkit...

Before, yes. I think the Wii U was around 2k to 4k USD. AND that was considered cheap for devkits at that time.

It's interesting to see that, apparently, Capcom was involved in the development process of the system itself. They may have wanted to not include more RAM initially, to stick closer to the Wii U in that regard and eventually decided, on Capcom's input and perhaps more that we don't know about, to include more RAM, which can't be a bad thing. Well hopefully Capcom's demands being satisfied early on will mean that they will bring more AAA games to the system.

that point where they confirm MT Framework is the one using for the switch, I think we might see a port for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

This is great. Seeing how closely they worked with capcom, and even boosted system specs at their request shows how much of a valued partner Capcom is.

Capcom is my favorite Non-Nintendo Dev. Street fighter, monster hunter, resident evil, MvC, and DMC are some of the biggest franchises in the industry

Sat Feb 18 17 02:08pm
Rating: 1

While not a particularly big franchise, Ace Attorney is one of my personal favorites, so I love Capcom too

Was going to say the same thing. I can't wait to see one on the Switch... Hell, I would buy port of the last two games too! (And Great Ace Attorney too!)

I'd absolutely love to see The Great Ace Attorney localized! I've only seen the first two trailers, I think, but it looked like an absolute Takumi masterpiece from what I saw
And having it in a better resolution on the Switch? Sign me right up

They really doesn't need to do a lot of work... just looking at the trailers, they are in HD and REALLY look awesome! So they already have the assets, and the style and color palette make it so they almost doesn't even need to make higher def textures! In my book, it would be a no-brainer...

ok... I would really miss the two screen gaming with this series though... Sad

Sat Feb 18 17 09:14pm
Rating: 1

Yeah, with the newer games, I think they are prepared for iOS releases, which are in HD already. So, I imagine the hypothetical Switch release would be very similar to this

Oh yea, that whole series is really great I even liked the Layton crossover.

But hey Capcom has a ton of lesser known amazing games too like, Okami, ace attorney, powerstone, darkstalkers, onimusha, rival schools, sangoku basara, breath of fire and ghouls and ghosts. Not to mention. Mega man

I loved the Layton Crossover and I think it has the best music in the franchise. It also helped I was already a fan of both franchises, of course
I played Okami and enjoyed it, but I didn't get to Okamiden, sadly. The other franchises you mentioned, I'm actually not even too familiar with. Not even Megaman, surprisingly!

Only two Capcom franchises I care to see on Switch is Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. Maybe a new Ghouls N'Ghosts or Final Fight. But everything else...meh...

That dev kit pricing doesn't sound right, though it'd be amazing if it is somehow that low.

Capcom and Platinum need to get together for a new Viewtiful Joe...

So Nintendo upgraded the hardware of the Switch on the request of a third party. I'm sure they upgraded a few more things about the Switch on the request of other third parties apart from Capcom. This will line up with the Switch having an upgraded Dev kit from the one initially sent to developers.

An important third-party is demanding specs to run their engine. I hope that demand is answered. It's happened in the past where it was Capcom that asked Nintendo to come up with a more tradition controller to play Monster Hunter Tri, thus came the Classic Controller Pro for Wii.
If this means getting an on-the-go RE7, then I'm all for it. Horror needs to be well represented on these systems. If this means something bigger, say a portable VR experience, then heck yeah, I've asked for that innovation since last year.

According to this point, the demand was answered: - Capcom’s request was accepted and the memory capacity became as per to their expectation

So, if I'm reading this correctly, Monster Hunter 5.

To: Capcom. A gift for you! Play with this and tell us what you need for MH5. Love, Nintendo


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