Xenoblade Chronicles 2 music recording sessions taking place right now

Looks like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is really chugging along! I wonder when we'll actually see this game release. I know they said 2017, but I'm still not convinced that'll happen.


...oh man... hype intensified!

Even if the English version gets pushed to 2018, it'll be worth it. I need this game, and I bet the music will be incredible too.

Goodbye Sawano! Some of the tracks in X were really good, but they would have been better if they didnt had any lyrics. There were also some not so great ones.

I feel like Sawano's music is better if you've seen some of the anime he's worked on, most notably Kill la Kill. I'm a fan of that show and its music so to me his stuff in XCX was what I fully expected, cheesy rapping and all.

Sun Feb 19 17 02:39pm
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Only now they are recording the sound track?

Then there's NO WAY this game is gonna come out in 2018. They are right in the middle of the production. If they were aiming for a 2017 release, the game should be ready by now and all they were fixing bugs and doing some final adjustments to the game.

Sun Feb 19 17 02:43pm
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Uhh... really? I can't imagine recording and adding music being that significant a part in the creation of a videogame... I'd assume it was one of the last things they would do...

Sun Feb 19 17 03:10pm
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The last things they do are fixing bugs, testing the game and fine tuning the gameplay, controls and system in the game. And that alone take months. When they reach this point, they have game ready with everything place, including the sound track. That's why I don't think it's gonna come out in 2017.

Just look at any game... Even 1 year before the release, you can hear most of the sound track in trailers, demos, etc. Specially because in game like Xenoblade, a lot of the cutscenes need to match with the background music, so they might want the music ready first before working on the cut-scenes.

Music sets the tone of the game. It's as important as graphics for certain games.

If they are recording a few final songs or extra tracks that are not that crucial, then it's fine. However, if they are working on the sound track as a whole only now, then I think a 2017 release is hard to believe.

What? I was going to write the exact opposite. Why do you think they should record the soundtrack early on? And you are aware that before they can record it, all of the music has to be written... So this is actually a good sign!

OT: I hated the music of the previous Xeno titles. So much that I didn't want to play the games. Here's hoping they'll take a completely different approach with the new one.

I never said they should record early on. I said they are in the "middle of the production" of they are recording the music now.

Hell, I even explained why they should be doing now if they are aiming for a 2017 release, which is fixing bugs and fine tuning the gameplay and systems in the game. For a 2017 release the game, at this point, should be pretty much ready, including the music.

By the way, I loved the music of Xenoblade X.

You said:
"Only now they are recording the sound track?
Then there's NO WAY this game is gonna come out in 2018."
So this implies that you think the release is going to slip into 2019 (2 years from now), just because they're holding recording sessions now. Which doesn't make much sense, because typically music is one of the later things they finalize.

But nevermind, doesn't really matter. I even agree that they'll likely miss the 2017 date, just because they always do. And I don't care for the game, like I said :D I wanted to, but I don't :/

OT: I hated the music of the previous Xeno titles. So much that I didn't want to play the games. Here's hoping they'll take a completely different approach with the new one.

What did you "hate" about the music to such a degree that it prevented you from playing the games?

I'm not that guy, but if you're interested, I have a somewhat similar story?

At the beginning of this month, I had finally finished the original Xenoblade Chronicles and basically loved all about it. And knowing that right after that, I had its sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, waiting for me... Well, I was hyped for more Xeno in my life.
...And then I booted up the game.
...And it was totally different.
...And that music. Particularly the rapping during battles. Horrible.

It wasn't the music alone, but the music definitely contributed to the absolute disappointment I experienced that day. It took some time before I managed to take a step back, and go back into the game without any expectations. I completely detached it from Xenoblade and approached it as an "offline single-player MMORPG experience". (Now there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.) Not looking at it like a Xenoblade game definitely helped me appreciate the game a lot more, and I'm now actually having a lot of fun on Mira now. I still haven't finished the game yet, but I'm actually anxiously waiting every day to start playing again.

I think for me the biggest two things that made me consider dropping the game were the music and the silent, bland, malleable, self-insert protagonist. But I'm glad I didn't

Sun Feb 19 17 02:45pm
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I'll actually miss Sawano as I really like his music for sci-fi media and XCX especially (Z10 Briefing is one of my all-time favorite tracks), but as I've said on some other blogs, I think we're going to see a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona type division of the series. I hope Sawano comes back for XCX2; would be a shame to leave the story as is given that massive cliffhanger.

Sawano should make the sound track for everything in the world. Games, movies, TV shows, wedding, funerals...

This is my most anticipated game on the Switch. By far.

E3 2017 they will show the game.

They already showed the game, so I'd say this is a safe bet.

Sorry, what I meant to further include is show more to the game than what they had shown us this past Jan 12. But knowing MonoS they protect their games all the way till release. So hope we get lucky at E3 or TGS.

Didn't XCX come out less than 2 years ago? I'm a bit surprised they're making the next one so early. Considering how long Metroid has been dormant now, and others.

I wonder if XC2 will have the same scope, as a result. And the hype.

From what people are saying, XCX had largely an entirely different different development crew, so more than likely, XC2 has been in development for a long while.

Ah interesting. Didn't know that.

Depending on what exactly you mean by scope... XC2 won't be the same as XCX. They said that they want to return to a more linear world like XC1 after the open world with XCX
How big this linear world will be, we don't know

Is it just for the vocal track, or are they doing live instruments too?

I'm more hyped for the soundtrack than the game tbh....Xenoblade Chronicles has one of the best OST of any game ever. So glad they got the original composers back for this game and not who did X...

Sun Feb 19 17 05:20pm
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Music is usually something they add in at the tail end of the game's development, seeing as they typically need the actual scenario and areas done to match the ambiance. Maybe this game will actually be out in 2017, if they actual get to the localization...

CD900ST headphones? I want some Smile


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