RUMOR: Switch games - digital file size round-up

If you want to know how much space various Switch eShop games take up, we've got a list for you. This information supposedly comes from the various Japanese pages for these games, so there might be a slight difference when it comes to EU/NA file sizes. There are certain titles on the list that have had confirmed file sizes for awhile now, like Zelda: BotW. If these sizes are legit, you should get a good, rough estimate of how much space you'll need if you're going the digital route.

- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 13.4 GB
- Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.09 GB
- I Am Setsuna 1.40 GB
- Nobunaga’s Ambition 5 GB
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 7 GB
- Snipperclips 1.60 GB
- Dragon Quest Heroes I·II 32 GB

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Was looking for 1-2-Switch, though it's nice to know MK8, Puyo, and Snipperclips.

DQ Heroes I-II literally takes up more space than the switch allows by default. At least that means the games don't have the 25GB limit that the Wii U gave games.

Which means it's definitely not the Vita version, since that's wayyyyy bigger than both

They already know MK8? Are they just sitting on it right now?

That does seem odd. Though I wouldn't be wholly surprised if they were just sitting on it lol. Super Mario Odyssey could probably be a Spring/Summer game from the sound of it, yet they're sitting on it till Holiday.

Sun Feb 19 17 10:43pm
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I mean, Miyamoto admitted in an interview that Super Mario Odyssey is pretty much done, so they're intentionally spacing out releases here in addition to some games just not being ready for March. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe strikes me in the same way: could it have made launch? Absolutely, more so than SMO. But Nintendo wanted to hold it back so they could say that almost every month in the Switch's first year has a major first-party game.

Sun Feb 19 17 10:44pm
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They are definitely sitting on it. I think their plan is to space out the releases and avoid another Wii U drought scenario from happening.

How the hell is Mario Kart 8 with 48 tracks only 7GB?!

Same way Super Mario 3D World was 1.6GB. Nintendo: Masters of File Compression.

Man, I really hope they release at least a 64 GB Switch model by the end of the year, cause I'm planning to get mine some time around fall/winter. I'm not a digital-only kinda person, but it'd be nice to have more storage than what's offered.

Sun Feb 19 17 10:50pm
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Whats the point when you can buy a 256GB micro SD card for your switch and never have to worry about storage for a while. Most Tablets and phones dont come with enough onboard space and require an SD card to upgrade their storage.

I ordered a Samsung 128 pro+ micro & hope they show/start selling their 2tb micros close to Switches launch. I hope they are $500 because that would be better than them charging $1k +.

Whats the point when you can buy a 256GB micro SD card for your switch and never have to worry about storage for a while.
A 256gb card is priced between $150 and $250. That effectively add up to the Switch's price, making it substantially more expensive in comparison to the other consoles. If Nintendo didn't cheapen out on storage, like they always do, we wouldn't be forced to buy expensive memory cards just to play one game.

Because it's not in mass production yet. 128 is $60 and 200 is lower as well.not to mention you can get a 64 GB for $15 right now

Just curious, other than flash storage, what tech do you think Nintendo could've gone with that fits in the system?

That's the perk of Nintendo's design choices. The Wii U could've easily have an internal hdd, but Nintendo was too lazy to include it because of "costs". If you remember the first generations of ipods, they indeed had hdd, so, the switch could have something like that. It's how it was designed in the end, and Nintendo always opt for the "cheap but complicated" option.

Knowing what we know now about the insides of the unit, where would a mechanical drive fit? Also, wouldn't the read times be horrendous compared to SD cards and the game packs?

Good questions. As I said, Nintendo's design choice for the Switch made it impossible for an internal drive to fit inside there. And read speed affect basically the load times, which is only a portion of the gameplay. Nintendo should've then included an SD card bundled with the Switch just like they did with the 3ds when they came out, so that we wouldn't worry (much) about how long until the tiny internal storage fills up.

On Amazon, you can find a 200gb micro sd for $70 bucks though, and the 128gb one is only $40. So pricing is there definitively.

Mon Feb 20 17 09:10pm
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Yeah I bought a 200gb micro from Walmart for $70. I think it should last at least 2 years (especially with Nintendo's compression techniques). I'm getting all my stuff digital. But I'm getting (this year/next of what we know of) BOTW, MK8: Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Arms, Sonic Mania, Project Sonic 2017, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Switch, and Yooka-Laylee. All those together shouldn't be more than like 80gb max.

This. Heck, buy a cheaper one [like 64GB] and just get more as you need it.

I'm glad Nintendo didn't bump up the Switch price by X amount just to double [or triple] the storage I may not even ever fill, personally.

Anybody have a price on I Am Setsuna yet?

It's $40 on Steam, but it's been out for almost 9 months. I feel like $30 would be an awesome price.

$30 would be sweet but it does come with new content so I think it may still be $40 on the Switch. It's totally worth it, though. I want more JRPGS like this on Switch.

It's awesome that games like BotW and Dragon Heroes are fitting onto cartridges.

I'm glad they've dropped the "blocks" from previous systems and are showing us the actual file size. It was annoying buying a card and trying to figure out how much stuff would fit on it. Or if I was trying to download something when I ran out of room and then deciding if I should delete something, or just buy a bigger card.

Using all the same units just makes it easier to figure out.

I'm hoping that Nintendo isn't pulling a bait and switch on us by posing actual files sizes on the website and then they use "Blocks" again.

Wii U didn't use blocks, so I doubt the Switch will.

Well, time to order my micro SD card. Really wish they put more storage in the Switch. :/


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