TowerFall creator announces Celeste for Switch

Check out screens at the official site

Oh man, count me in for day one with this game. This looks exactly like the kind of game I love. Can't wait to see more!

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Man, I'd rather have Towerfall. This looks a lot like Super Meat Boy/1001 Spikes which is not something I'm personally that fond of.

Wed Feb 22 17 03:55pm
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I agree. It looks like it has what I didn't like from Super Meat Boy, with a visual aesthetic that has gotten old.

I'm up for any of his games. Loved towerfall

Okay count me in.
Can we also get Towerfall ?

Wait, is this a Switch exclusive?

Wouldn't Towerfall be the better fit first? I mean, it's basically made for LOCAL MULTIPLAYER.

Well either way, Celeste looks damn fine.


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