Aonuma reveals his top 3 favorite Zelda games, and one he thinks is underrated

Coming from Eiji Aonuma...

3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

"Twilight Princess, because I wanted to create something better than Ocarina."

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

"Ocarina of Time is a game that gave me the opportunity to create a 3D world."

1. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

"This is something my wife also likes, Phantom Hourglass. That’s number one. I was developing Twilight Princess, and the goal for that was to make something better than Ocarina. But then that game was something I proposed as a new style of gameplay, and I was a producer on that game for the first time, so I have a lot of sentiment for it."

The Most underrated Zelda?

"The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. I wanted the users to play a little bit more of that game and have that experience. I love that game."


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Tri Force Heroes is pretty under rated.

Tri Force Heroes is pretty under rated.

Wed Feb 22 17 03:13pm
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"1. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass"


I love the game so much that its my First Zelda game.

Its the only game that has one of the best characters in the entire Zelda universe which is also my favorite, Linebeck.

Wed Feb 22 17 03:14pm
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So he admits that he failed to make TP a better game than OoT jk

Edit: Also I guess people here don't understand that PH holds sentimental value for him (from his wife and for its development) which is why he put it as number 1.

Huh, the number one is pretty interesting. Personally I really enjoyed that game unlike a lot of people, but Spirit Tracks was a big improvement in every way. PH is the first one to use stylus controls though, which I personally loved but I know a lot of people had trouble with it. And yeah Tri Force Heroes is definitely underrated. I never did finish it, still intend to at some point. Only thing is it's usually just my girlfriend and I teaming up with a random person online, and their skill level can vary greatly lol. Also suspect there's just not as many people playing it anymore so might be harder to find good people to team up with.

Phantom Hourglass? Really? It was probably the one Zelda game I never finished. I did finish Spirit Tracks because it improved on a lot of what made Phantom Hourglass unenjoyable.

Wed Feb 22 17 03:41pm
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Tri Force Heroes was such a mess. All I wanted was to play the game two-player with my brother. That's it. But you could only do one or three-player, and apparently the one-player mode sucked? I guess we could find a stranger online to be the third wheel, but... forget that. There are plenty of other fun games we could play without all that hassle.

Tri Force heroes is not bad but is probably the only Zelda I've not finished, playing the three links on your own is definitely not that fun. And finding time to play with two buddy at the same time is difficult.

Of course it's possible to play with strangers but it's not the same, and with no voice it's harder to advance and make progress. I think it's a great game but really works much better when you are close to the other epople you can/want to play with.

Phantom Hourglass was by far the worst Zelda I've played. I couldn't even finish it before I just got tired of its gameplay.

I'm sorry but Phantom Hourglass SUCKS! I was expecting Majora or Wind Waker to be number 1 but PHANTOM HOURGLASS!? *faints*

Wed Feb 22 17 04:01pm
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Aonuma's favorite Zelda game is the one that I consider the "worst" (capcom games excluded).
Of course it's still an excellent game.

I can't pick between these personaly but I'd say they're my top three in no particular order :
3. A Link Between Worlds
2. Skyward Sword
1. Ocarina of Time

Most underrated :
2. Four Swords Adventure
1. Spirit Tracks

Most overrated :
3. Wind Waker (original)
2. Phantom Hourglass
1. Minish Cap

The remakes are also interesting, especially Majora's Mask 3d and Wind Waker HD which completely obliterate the originals.

Of all the big franchises out there, Zelda is really the one that has the biggest Fan divides between which in the series are "the best" and I think that's largely because of two reasons:

1. Everyone has a different idea of what a Zelda game "should" be.

2. Most Zelda fans hold this series very dear to them, and thus, love certain games for very different personal reasons like Aonuma here.
For example, I'm not the biggest Twilight Princess fan...to me it's a game rife with potentional that it rarely lives up to. But for those who were introduced to Zelda through this game LOVE it, and I can totally see why.

It's also for these reasons I love the Zelda series. They are incredibly personal.

Wed Feb 22 17 04:15pm
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Phantom Hourglass is great! Can't understand all the negativity surrounding that game >_>

I also agree that Tri Force Heroes was underappreciated. And Federation Force, too. I found that form of online-co-op-gameplay very fun, even with strangers. I would love to have more of these kinds of games, but as they didn't seem to be popular, I don't think that we will see that again soon. Sad

I played every single Zelda-game and my personal favorites are A Link between Worlds and Majora's Mask 3D!

Sometimes I feel bad because I feel that Eiji Aonuma languished in Ocarina of Time's shadow for a long time.

It's interesting how his experiences with the games as a developer informs his opinions of these titles and how it often puts him in a different mindset than some fans.

Phantom Hourglass is a great "my first Zelda". It's unbelievably easy, which is good for first timers, but obviously leaves fans wanting more.

I think Spirit Tracks was exactly more 😍

These are his favorites, apparently, based on his experience and goals in working on them.

I'd like to see his favorites from a player perspective.

No love for 'Link's Awakening' ?

Gameplay and story wise its such a great game and the quality blew me away when it was first released on the original Gameboy. Also the feeling of booting up a cartridge for a game and not knowing what to expect going in.

Damn you internet spoilers.

Wait, is he saying he thinks Twilight Princess is better than OoT? If so, I respectfully disagree. I like Aonuma-san and respect him, but in my opinion, TP was ridiculously over hyped and under delivered. It tried way too hard to be an OoT-killer instead of being it's own game. It tried to out-Ocarina OoT which was too tall of a task, IMO. TP played more like an enhanced remake of OoT than a truly new game IMO. I'm sure lots of people love it, but I just thought it was average at best. Again just my opinion.

Wait, is he saying he thinks Twilight Princess is better than OoT?
Uhh, look at the list. OoT is in second place while TP is in third

Okay my fault, didn't click the link before posting my comment. But he still said he wanted to try to make something better than OoT. That's admirable, but like I said, IMO, TP is nowhere near better than OoT so in that essence he was unable to do so IMO.

I think Nintendo will be hard pressed to make a better Zelda game than OoT unless they suddenly one day decided to scrap the vast majority of the series storylines/conventions and start from scratch. There's only so many variations you can do on Ganon comes back and threatens Hyrule. Of course they can also do side stories like MM (Termina), LA (Koholint), etc.

I personally do think Twilight Princess is better than Ocarina of Time, but luckily these are just opinions. For what it's worth, seems like Aonuma agrees with you and doesn't think he made TP better than OoT is!

Thu Feb 23 17 11:22am
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Phantom Hourglass was pretty bad... Not like unforgivably bad but super awkward with its ugly graphics, miserable controls, and forced backtracking. Arguably the worst Zelda game outside of the CD-I games. The only things I liked about it were Linebeck and some of the more clever puzzles. It was completely forgettable otherwise, which is a shame because I remember that there was a ton of hype leading up to its release.

Tri Force Heroes looks like fun but, like everyone said about Four Swords, you probably shouldn't even bother if you don't have all the needed number of players to go through it.


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