Switch - Change up hair, eye and lip color

As you may know, Nintendo has added in some new features to the Mii Maker found on Switch. Now you'll have some new color options for things you couldn't choose before, like hair, eyes and lip color. Hopefully this helps you make a Mii even closer to the real-life you...or one that's just super weird!

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Glasses can be changed as well. There are also new glasses styles.

Still no ears yet, though. :/
Some caricatures really benefit from having ears.

About dang time, the low selection of hair color was bugging me! It was impossible to make red headed characters, and I could never get the right shade of blonde for certain characters, it always came out either too bright, or too dark, no good in betweens. I might start liking the Miis better, now that there are better customization details to add, I was getting sick of the Miis for years, but my interest in Miis are starting to come back.


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