Switch does support USB battery packs for charging on the go

The DigitalFoundry gang has confirmed the use of USB battery packs to charge your Switch on the go. If you're really worried about the amount of time the battery gives you on the go, you can grab one of these USB battery packs and worry a lot less!

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That's self-explanatory, as USB-C is a standard.
Don't know why it needs to be confirmed (just like the 'compatible with iPhone and iPad' on every package of a headphone-with-3.5mm-plug here in Germany)

Thu Feb 23 17 03:29pm
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If you're going to purchase a battery, make sure it supports a 2.1 amp output.

This is the amperage required by almost all tablets, and I imagine the Switch will be no different. your lipstick iPhone charger probably only outputs at 1 amp. So spend a little extra cash on a higher amperage.

This is just speculation based on my experience with tablets and portable battery chargers.

My charging speed says 2 amps on the Amazon page. Probably not compatible, then?

Basically what your sacrificing is "charge speed." Again, I dont have any experience with the switch personally, but I imagine your Switch won't charge while playing. it may just stay at "30%" or whatever.

Yes, USB-C is a standard, but it supports multiple voltages. If the switch was unable to charge at 5V, like the new macbook for example, then a standard USB 2 battery bank would not be an option. Thankfully we now know that 5V 2A battery banks can do the job. Nice one, Nintendo!

Thu Feb 23 17 03:35pm
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Hope a third party makes one that can just snap in to place and be hidden behind the switch. No visible wire.

Agree with this 100%. Something nice and simple that is easily removable. Kickstarter anyone?

That doesn't really seem to be a portable battery in the first place, but rather a dock much like the one the Wii U Gamepad has to allow for easier and quicker (un)plugging for charging
And it wouldn't strap to the Switch for easy portability either


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