ASDA screws up their Switch marketing

I guess ASDA didn't have any display boxes to use, so they just said screw it and went with Xbox One boxes. They could have at least covered up where it said Xbox One! Thanks to Giooig for the heads up!

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Finally. XboxOne has some games!


The funniest part of this is that ASDA has done this before (pretty certain the same circumstances apply, no correct boxing), and the response has been glorious.

how does this even happen do they have 90 year olds with dementia working at their stores?

Finally. XboxOne has some games!


Isn't ADSA the UK version of Walmart? I don't ever expect much from Walmart.

Sorta, but not really. Asda was it's own thing until Walmart bought it out in 1999.

We all know Switch's color is red Mario and not Green Luigi.

We better get a Set of a Mario & Luigi JoyCons one day. ^^

No worries, thought you would like the story. Cheers for the mention.
Thought i'd give you the heads up before the Nintendo Ninja's paid the store a visit.


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