Switch - Day 1 update info

- update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images via social media
- link Nintendo Accounts
- update lets you “connect online using hotspots that require authentication, such as at a hotel or café. A web applet will open up so the user can sign-in or accept terms of use.”
- update will launch “just prior” to Switch’s release
- the update “downloads in the background, is designed to install quickly and doesn’t disrupt gameplay.”
- in order to to buy digital games for Switch from Nintendo’s website, you’ll have to access the eShop one time
- if you don’t have a Nintendo Account when you are asked about it, you can ask the system to send an email with a guidance manual about how to create an account

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Sat Feb 25 17 07:47pm
Rating: 8

why? whats their point? INever understood that

I wish there was achievements :/

Sat Feb 25 17 07:47pm
Rating: 8

why? whats their point? INever understood that

I don't care for achievements, but I would like a way for friends to compare progress in a game.

Because more or less I'd skip a lot of the sidequest content because games don't have unlockables anymore for it except achievements.

So basically instead of making the game content compelling, the developers have added useless achievements as incentive to get players to power through monotonous tasks.

I'd rather feel achievement from NOT wasting my time with a game by ignoring any filler or fluff it throws at me.

Well, obviously it being nintendo they wouldn't slack on the content? They add checkpoints that earn online points it doesn't take hours to develop

That's exactly what's up. It does seem to be a clever trick that gets people to play crap they wouldn't otherwise give two shits about! lol

That makes no sense lol individual games will have their own in game ordeals and to skip em might as well skip "achievements"

Sun Feb 26 17 04:58am
Rating: 1

It's all about showing everyone online.

LMAO bruh thats hilarious

I'm not going to say that I'm glad that Nintendo is continuing to forgo adding an acheivment system. But I am going to say that I literally don't know of a more useless feature that has ever been part of mainstream gaming. Waggle was more useful than bragging points.

There kind of are achievements through MyNintendo Rewards.

Same here. It's baffling that the Switch still remains the only modern console to totally ignore them, unless they're tied to My Nintendo somehow (doubt it, and if so I hope it isn't just for first party games)

This is all good news. I was slightly worried about the Switch's wifi capabilities when it comes to public spots that require authentication, given that it doesn't have a web browser. Only concern now is the left joy-con desync issue, which isn't a huge issue to me, personally, since I'm not getting one at launch lol.

I really appreciate that the OS updates in the background. Also that Zelda starts up so quickly. And that the OS runs so smoothly and swiftly.

I really feel like this is going to be the solution to a huge problem with modern gaming consoles. Cannot wait.

^Exactly this. I think a LOT of the naysayers about the Switch are too "that's the way it is" in thinking. Lengthy OS installs and reboots are annoying for sure. I absolutely can't stand mandatory disc installs either. It's why I have gone 95% digital this gen because discs are irrelevant. Although that is the way it is I still want things to be better. Being able to put a game into my Switch and press play in itself is a HUGE plus to me.

I still hope for achievements one day.

I really hope for updates for improvements for the overall system stability.


Sun Feb 26 17 04:59am
Rating: 3

It'll get so stable, CNET won't be able to tip it over anymore!

As people have said, they'll be Missions via MyNintendo [aka Achievements with actual rewards].

Hopefully the Day 1 Update goes smoothly [the Wii U's was a Nightmare]!

What nightmare? It downloaded in the background and you could immediately use the console, albeit without online features or Wii bc.

The Wii -> Wii U transfer process was waaaay more time consuming.

He's referring to the initial update on launch day. You couldn't do anything for about 1 to 2 hours.

I'm also referring to the sizable portion of users [myself, of course, included] who had to spend hours just getting their Wii U to connect to their wifi device, yet alone the Slow download and install of the update itself...

I know. And you could indeed set the Wii U's day 1 update to download in the background, and immediately start playing. It's just that this option was kinda hidden.
You had to do the initial setup, and when it prompted you to update, after configuring your network connection, you choose "cancel".


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