Super Bomberman R runs at 30fps, Has Online Lobbies

- runs at 30fps
- runs at the Switch’s full resolution in each mode
- online will be for Battle Mode only
- cooperative Story Mode will not be available online, only locally
- online will utilize matchmaking through lobbies
- connect with random opponents and friends

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Really was hoping this would be 60fps, but a game like bomberman doesn't require it at all. Glad there are lobbies

How are lobbies going to work if the app for smartphone won't launch until summer though? So I guess this proves once again that the phone app won't be necessary, or at least not for all games.

I think 30 FPS is fine for Bomberman, but positive is that the games in running at 1080p! I can't wait to hop online in this game!

I played this in Chicago and it was really fun for multiplayer. It would be nice if this supported voice chat, but Nintendo doesn't have their shit together as usual...

I too was hoping for 60, but that is ok. As long as the online is smooth. We are picking this up Day 1. Lord willing.

Tue Feb 28 17 07:37am
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I believe part of the reason it's 30FPS is as a mean to ensure a more solid online experience. If the game refreshes the display only 30 times per second, then it needs to receive only data about the position and status of other players and their bombs 30 times per second as well. Also if that way they can ensure a zero percent chance of any of the systems in play slowing down due to too many explosions and whatnot, such as when you're playing in portable mode versus someone who plays docked with more oomph to spare, even those playing on an underclocked system will not see their system slowing down and their game falling behind while docked players will keep trudging along.

If the game is designed at least a little bit well, it'd have a mechanical layer that runs at, say, 60 ticks per second and a graphical layer that runs at whatever the console can handle


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