Circle localizing Voez for NA/EU

Circle has confirmed that they'll be bringing Voez to North America and Europe. The title is going to be a launch game for Switch in Japan, but we don't have details no a release date for the rest of the world yet. This is the first Switch game that can't be played in TV mode.

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Yaaay, it's time to be exciting again for us Westeners!

Circle is localizing it? It's already been translated for the iOS and other version, hasn't it? https://itunes.apple.com/app/voez/id1007929736

My best bet is for console adapting means; the Japan Switch port has another company behind it as well, Flyhigh Works.

And... This is kinda the argument I had against no-region locking (despite everyone claiming that all arguments for region locking were stupid)...
If a game doesn't require localizing (such as games with language options, or more likely: games that don't need reading and comprehension (IE, fighting, racing, rhythm, shooters, etc etc) ) to enjoy the game... Then you just buy the version that comes out first, from the country that released it first.
And then... You don't double dip.
MOST consumers don't double dip. There's little to no reason to.

So then the game that hits the localized country gets a large chunk of sales never making an appearance.. then the publisher, and other publishers viewing these sales, conclude: THERE IS A VERY WEAK INTEREST FOR THIS GENRE IN THIS COUNTRY, SO WE'LL STOP TRYING TO SEND THEM HERE.

And then comes a game that NEEDS translation, but belongs to the genre... And then we don't friggin get it at all (except for those who can read Japanese).
THEN a large populace of gamers who WOULD HAVE grown an interest for that particular game and piqued the interest of game companies who would have been willing to sell into this country (if there's an audience, they'll bother to localize) -- never find out about this gem until 3-5 years after the fact... Because this large populace only looks at what's localized.

It's a domino effect. Usually starting from niche title to big title. And it does occur more often than you think.

Tue Feb 28 17 02:14am
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@Ai Roel

Except... The case you've illustrated is DEFINITELY NOT the case for this Rayark game?

I've said it for another post about this game and I'll said it again: there already is an iOS/Android localized version for this game that is available, worldwide, with all the language versions of the original game (Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean) coming to the Switch port as well. The only difference for this case is the pricing model, with the original app being a free-to-play game that has IAP items (plumpy birds named 'Keys') to permanently purchase single songs and this Switch port demanding for a regular price for all the currently-available content.

Bottom-line yes, I do agree that Western countries in general have been alienated big times when it comes to the rhythm gaming scenario thanks to a period of a market over-saturation of the "same sh*t, different year" kind of deal (thanks, Activision) and yes, region locking has been a quite huge pain for niche players of dedicated series/genres, but let's advocate it for titles that are basically not going to reach the Western front in any kind of official way outside of importing orz


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