Hamster's official site says Arcade Archives launching in North America on March 3rd

Looks like we could be getting our NeoGeo fix on Switch come launch day. While Nintendo's own website still says TBD for Arcade Archives' release date, Hamster's own site now says we can expect the games to come out March 3rd. That's all the info it gives right now, but I guess we'll find out soon enough! Thanks to Fiendcode for the heads up!

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Wed Mar 01 17 02:08pm
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Metal Slug Yes, I was thinking about this game.

Wed Mar 01 17 02:10pm
Rating: 1

Seriously? Metal Slug on day 1? HELL YES!!!!

Wed Mar 01 17 02:16pm
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If this is actually true, between the physical and eShop games, I will have a backlog on my Switch come day 1.

Please, Please, Please. would totally grab Waku Waku 7 and Metal Slug.

Wed Mar 01 17 02:36pm
Rating: 1

Eh, I already have the Metal Slug games on pretty much every other system I own.

But wait... what if I am playing Switch and suddenly start jonesing for it? I would have to waste valuable seconds changing platforms... seconds that I could be otherwise using to play Metal Slug.

brb pre-ordering

You could certainly buy it again, just to "share the joy".

I've still got the metal slug anthology on my Wii... so I'll see what other games are coming.

Can we get this for Europe pleaaaase ?

Seems like it's already up everywhere... but NA. Although it could go up tomorrow... or next week, soon I hooopppeeee


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