Did Nintendo purposefully make Switch game cards taste bad?

Alanah Pearce over at IGN says it's actually true. I don't know where she got her information from, but doesn't seem like something Nintendo would do? Now let's go lick some 3DS cards and see how they taste!

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Wed Mar 01 17 05:55pm
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Switch cartridges taste bad so that kids don't put them in their mouths; adults put them in their mouths. I can't think of a better description of the Internet.

GiantBomb said the same thing, so I wonder if it was a tactical decision. Kinda weird. Unless maybe eating 3ds carts was commonplace and we just didn't hear of it.

Wed Mar 01 17 05:54pm
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Wow, how many outlets include licking a game as part of their review process?

It's been an ongoing thing for as long as I could remember. New releases for hardware usually had videos of attractive press members licking the new hardware. Never understood why, but it's been a thing for a long while.

I think Jessica Chobot started that trend when she licked the PSP. Nothing good came of it.

Wed Mar 01 17 06:06pm
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This is why we label small parts. The children is just the excuse for people doing dumb stuff. :p

Wed Mar 01 17 05:55pm
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Switch cartridges taste bad so that kids don't put them in their mouths; adults put them in their mouths. I can't think of a better description of the Internet.

is it because the cards are so small it's chocking hazard? that when babies put it in there mouth, they would spit it out instead of swallowing it?

Wed Mar 01 17 06:03pm
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You are not supposed to lick it. You are supposed to eat it in one gulp. Get it right guys.

Hypno-toad says no.

Wed Mar 01 17 06:18pm
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I am more interested in the game cartridges that they think taste good, personally.

Wed Mar 01 17 06:31pm
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Maybe this?

Sweet! Children repellent! XD

Jeff Gerstmann, of Giant Bomb, did the same on a live stream, tastes bad man.

I dunno... anyone state what it tastes like? I mean... I heard majority of people hates the taste of black licorice, but I love the stuff... just saying...

What the hell is wrong with people? Why is this even being brought up...?

For the adults purposely doing it? Likely just to find out for themselves.

But I think it's loosely connected to the whole, "OMG, these carts are so small!" line of thinking. Small things = potential choking hazards, and naive kids (or stupid adults) arent gonna adhere to warning labels. So making it foul tasting is the last preventative measure. It only sounds weird because we dont hear much about it with tech and games, but it's really just another form or child/idiot proofing things [to avoid lawsuits].

Some aerosol/dust spray companies purposely add a bitter agent to their sprays to deter people from huffing the stuff. And, if I recall correctly, gas companies add a particular scent to propane and the like to signal that there's a leak.

That's a strange thing.

I hope Nintendo confirms that this was intentional, because that would be hilarious--and genius of them! :D

Wed Mar 01 17 08:35pm
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The amount of strange content that comes out of discussing Nintendo baffles me.

All the sudden the concept of a demo is something we've never heard of, and ARMS will definitely have no more content added before release, 2 million units at launch is a fabricated artificial shortage, we're surprised things fall down when you push them over (thanks CNET), and not being able to hold the controller behind our backs while playing is a problem.

Like many others here, I have no idea why this is even a topic of discussion.

Has anyone ever cared how game cartridges or game discs taste before?
Why now?

Wed Mar 01 17 11:22pm
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It's actually pretty simple. Nintendo is the hottest topic in the gaming world again. They've pretty much done everything right with the Switch. So all the trolls and attention seekers need to come out and try to put any kind of negative spin they can on it. Down to manufacturing controversy like CNET.

They've spent the last 20 years constructing this image of Nintendo as this ancient, bumbling children's company that everybody loved when they were kids, but instantly grew out of the moment they started getting hair in funny places. They've made it cool to hate Nintendo and they have no intention of letting go of that narrative.


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