Nintendo confirms "bittering agent" added to Switch game cards to deter children from eating them

Coming from a Nintendo rep...

“A bittering agent (Denatonium Benzoate) has also been applied to the game card to avoid the possibility of accidental ingestion.”

As for all those who tasted the Switch game cards, myself included, we have no need to worry. Denatonium Benzoate is non-toxic.

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Thu Mar 02 17 06:37am
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XN in my NX? It's more likely than you think!

mr anti guy
Thu Mar 02 17 05:50am
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Does this mean we won't have sexy girls in sexy poses licking the game cards... sexily?

Never underestimate Jessica Chobot.

"non-toxic" - yes, but it is an XN-rated (harmful for organisms) chemical.

Well, it isn't like lead, silicon, and copper are good for you, either, so... not really sure it makes a big difference. :P

Thu Mar 02 17 06:37am
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XN in my NX? It's more likely than you think!

Thu Mar 02 17 06:14am
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This is really awesome.

Found some interesting information regarding!

Denatonium benzoate is one of the most bitter substances known. Just a few parts per million will make a product so bitter that children and pets will not be able to swallow it. Denatonium benzoate makes sweet but highly toxic products such as antifreeze and detergents taste foul. Research shows that people can detect denatonium benzoate in water at 50 parts per billion.

'...so bitter that children and pets will not be able to swallow it. '

I don't believe that. This sounds more like a challenge :P

I'm waiting for the "denatonium benzoate challenge" to start sweeping YouTube soon. XD

I just have to wonder what happened between the 3DS and now to make them even think of doing this.

Switch cards are much smaller might be one reason.

So, the absolute, complete failure of Wii U has made Nintendo bitter. Sad

Oddly, this makes me want to see what they taste like when I have never had any desire to do so with any other game cart. lol

It's almost like a cool easter egg for getting the console. There's no way to convey senses like taste and smell over the internet, so you have to try it yourself to experience it!

Gaming press probably got way too enamored with this little tidbit of news.

I have an 18 month child, so I really appriciate that Nintendo is doing this. Thank you so much for thinking of the children!

Thu Mar 02 17 12:42pm
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On the one hand, this prevents kids from putting cartridges in their mouths.

On the other, this guarantees people in their 20s and 30s on Youtube will put them in their mouths.

gg nintendo.

Thu Mar 02 17 03:29pm
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Wow, *Jaw on the floor* I can't believe this is the one thing Nintendo actually confirms. Nintendo really is full of surprises.

I admit I used to slightly lick the pins of my SNES and N64 games, but only as a last resort when a game didn't want to start-up after blowing the hell out of them.

Were your systems broke? I've never had a SNES or N64 game not play, ever. The only one you had to tinker with sometimes were NES games.

I can't speak for N64, since I actually never owned one, but my SNES often had trouble reading the cartridges

Weird, that's one of the things that always stood out for me as being completely fixed starting with the SNES. I wonder if different regions have anything to do with it. Mine is NTSC, vs PAL.

I had a PAL SNES, so that might be it, yeah. Though I should mention that my SNES was second-hand, so maybe that guy I bought it from did something with it?

Yeah, maybe that's the case.

Not really as far as I remember, my SNES was a SNES 2 that I got on 1996 and my N64 was from 1998. Like I said, I'd only lick them after I blew the games a lot and they didn't want to start, which, to tell you the truth, didn't happen that often, like once every 6 months or so.

Oh I see, I thought it was happening more frequently. I think I got my SNES in Xmas of 1991 (I freaked out like the N64 kid too, lol...I was 12), and the N64 was at launch.


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