Nintendo Switch demos have no play limit

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Amazing! I hope every platform holder starts doing this!

Thu Mar 02 17 12:14pm
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Do Xbox demos have a play limit? I haven't played any PlayStation demos that do. As far as I knew Nintendo was the only one.

I have yet to find an XB1 demo limit

I'm only joking. :P

Just making fun of how mad it is that this is news in 2017.

This is wonderful, I'm overjoyed! Seriously, I'm so happy about this!

fred duck
Thu Mar 02 17 12:23pm
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Thank you for listening to me, Nintendo! You get one point.

When I complained about Nintendo demo limits on GN before, people crawled out of the woodwork to defend the idea. Who's going to come out and say unlimited demos are an affront to nature and the probable cause of the downfall of western society?

Thu Mar 02 17 12:32pm
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I volunteer as tribute!

Unlimited demos are an affront to nature and the probable cause of the downfall of western society.


Who on earth would defend that? It was Nintendo's worst idea of the 3DS/Wii U era, and that's saying something.

Nice! No limit means endless fun! Thanks!

Do people really re-play a demo 15 times to actually hit the limit anyways?

My son does. He gets super upset when they run out. This actually is awesome.

I think it's partly a psychological factor. Just the idea that there is a limit, that you only have a finite amount of plays, makes one play very differently and have less fun in the end

I agree with Nurio and Eightbitganon. Also, it was Yet Another Limit where there really doesn't need to be one.

It'd be like if Nintendo only let you have 300 friends, while the others let you have 1000+.

Also, some demos have the game's cool intro video so if they're unlimited, you could watch it any time you liked. :}

I straight up called Nintendo to ask if I could pay to have the play limit for the Bayonetta 2 demo removed on my system. I have the game, of course, and I played over 80 hours of it, but the demo has a unique opening and is a perfectly condensed version of the prologue, all gameplay and no cutscenes, which would be perfect for when you just want to start out killing angels on a jet and end with fighting Gomorrah on a skyscraper without being interrupted by Rodin in a Santa suit.

I've also been replaying the Nier: Automata demo on PS4 several times a week recently.


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