RUMOR - Sony working with retailers to do a one-day price drop of PS4 to counter Switch launch

- Sony is working with some retailers to temporarily drop the price of the standard PS4 to 199 euro
- this would be a one-day sale to counter the Switch launch
- word on which retailers will participate is not yet revealed
- multiple regions in the EU will be doing this

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Thu Mar 02 17 02:43pm
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But I have most of those game on PC. Me want some portable Zelda and Nindies.

Shady, but I bet a lot of people who want to buy a Switch won't get to stores on time.

Great deal for the people who wont be able to get a swich.

Uhhh...If pre-orders are sold out and they're guaranteed to sell at or around 2 million Switch consoles JUST from pre-orders, who are they competing against? Also who wants a Switch who doesn't already have a PS4? I guess people who have JUST an Xbox One which is likely not too many people.

Idk, I guess it's a smart business decision on Sony's part. I just don't know what they're really competing with.

Decent idea on Sony's part... "Can't find a Switch? How about a PS4 with more than 3 games to play?"

Thu Mar 02 17 02:43pm
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But I have most of those game on PC. Me want some portable Zelda and Nindies.

Thu Mar 02 17 06:10pm
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You work here, right? Can you install a downvote button for comments?

Wait wasn't gamers trading in their PS & XB systems to buy the Switch from the survey that was going around days ago?

Yes, they were. ;0)

Oh ok so it was true, lmfao!

I don't really believe this could dissuade people from picking up a Switch if they were already interested, but it could snag a casual buyer who just wandered in.

Looking for disappointed people to pick it up I'm sure.

This worked on me, 2777 ps4 with ff xv sek vs 3990 (swedish kr) sek with zelda made me make the switch to get a ps4 for now.
Got more worktime promised so we will see what happens when Xenoblade 2 comes out, if its a lower price then (or I guess, easier to import from cheaper countries that right now dont export ooc).

Great for people who wants to buy a Ps4, if it was this cheap around here I think I would buy it

Thu Mar 02 17 04:05pm
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Thats a killer offer.

For the price of a Switch with no game you can get a PS 4 with Nioh and Horizon... I know what I would buy.

I have no problem with this. It's a win for both gamers and retail.

Fri Mar 03 17 05:15am
(Updated 3 times)

I've visited 10 electronics/gaming stores near my area and I can attest that yes, this is actually happening! From my scouting, the major shop chains that are pulling this stunt are:

-) UniEuro - 2
-) Euronics - 1 (selected family-owned chain only)
-) MediaWorld - 1
-) GameStop - 3 (you can also have an extra 50 Euro discount if you give out 2 relevant used games and a kidney, as usual)

So yeah, if you want your underpriced Sony console, here's your chance.

I also want to report the curious way to advertise this 1-day promo: there have been official Sony adverts with the catchphrase translatable in English with "Make the Right Choice." in 2 of these stores, while local in-store pamphlets for this deal were plastered on all gaming-related shelves in 3 out of those 10 stores I visited... even on the Nintendo-related shelves with Wii U/Switch standees. They're not even trying anymore to be subtle at Sony's advertisement field lel

(Side-note: only 2 stores of these had Wii U copies of Zelda BotW; all the others had everything already pre-ordered and not planning for Wii U game copies returns, for the time being)


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