Switch will let you add friends via social networks and Nintendo Network ID at a later date

Coming from Nintendo...

Several methods can be used to add friends as quickly and easily as possible: ยท By linking Nintendo Switch to your Nintendo Account, your friends from Miitomo and Super Mario Run will appear as friend candidates so you can easily send them a friend request. Also, we are planning it so that friends from social networking services will be listed as candidates, too.

In the future, you will be able to send a friend request to friends associated with your NNID (Wii U/Miiverse) and Nintendo 3DS.

In some games you will be able to use an in-game interface to send friend requests.

You can send friend requests to those who have played with you recently.

You can establish a friend through local wireless communication.

You can also send a friend request by using a friend code.

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A certain alphanumerical duck was quacking needless doom, for sure.

Thank God it's not permanent. I hate friend code.

Sounds like they'll be offering up a pretty decent amount of options for adding friends, so it shouldn't be an issue.

At least it's coming, but it's still a weird choice to not include it off the bat. Wonder if it has something to do with a full My Nintendo link thats bound to come at some point.

As I mentioned previously, I hope the friendlist on our existing NNID/Miiverse account carries over, and it looks to be case, so I guess we're good to go. Nice of them to add multiple methods, even the least-liked one(s), just in case any of the other ones don't work for certain users.

I've got a good feeling that they might be bringing Miiverse to NS too; maybe update it with a slicker skin.

The concern about friend codes is overblown, but it is weird that they list every possible method except searching by NNID. Just... let me... search my friends' usernames...

Like seriously. You'd think they'd start there...THEN think about the extra/alternative ways.

But, good to know in the end most methods will be implemented.

Oh nice! Great! It's getting better!!

I'm getting tired of Nintendo saying "at a later date" for everything.


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