Small number of Switch units see blue/orange screen issues, flickering screens

We've seen three issues with the Switch crop up today. The numbers of people experiencing these issues seems to be very, very low. One person has received a blue screen that locked up his system, and it had to be replaced. A few more users have gotten a random orange screen, which can be fixed by holding the power button. There was also one screen that flickered and had all kinds of orientation issues, which had to be replaced.

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I'm still waiting for mine to actually show up at all. Best Buy/UPS are being incredibly slow today.

UPS decided it was wise to send mine across my state during winter. It didn't leave the otherside of the state until last midnite(and had been there since thursday morning). It's getting closer, but they don't generally deliver today Sad

Geez. Sorry. Sad

Mine finally showed up at 8 that night. So much for that "full day of gaming" that I had planned.

Got my fingers crossed for tomorrow, we're having a nasty storm tonight, but not the worst weather we've had

Our winds are insane where I live right now.

I hope you get your system tomorrow. Shipping was awfully messy for a big launch like this. They system is really growing on me, and Zelda is full of unforgettable moments so far.

Fri Mar 03 17 09:56pm
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They must have downloaded a NES game from the eShop. Just blow in the card slot to fix it...

No issues for me!


Add another issue to the mix: The AC Adapter for my Switch just doesn't work for some reason. Gotta wait days now to receive a new one. Super disappointed.

Hopefully this gets fixed with an update....later on I hope.

Damn now I'm paranoid if I end up getting it and this issue happens.

Every launch is going to have a certain amount of lemons. My launch Wii U only lasted a week. It happens when you're an early adopter.

joycon problems galore, wifi is shit, the dock scratches the screen, and now this. And we're only one or two days in depending on where you are in the world. What's going to be next? Buttons that don't work?

the dock scratches the screen
Wait, what? I haven't seen this yet. Got a source?

Sat Mar 04 17 07:23pm
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Hm, it does say that only happens if you push it in improperly and then start to wiggle. Also, carrying it in a wool sock? Wool is really bad and tends to leave scratches...

EDIT: And thanks for the source!

Sat Mar 04 17 08:13pm
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Check out Blunty's youtube channel. Should be easy enough to find. RMC here also mentioned it in one of his Big Story videos too I believe, must have been yesterday or the day before.

If that was true:
a) the scratches would have been either completely straight or curved (because you would try to rotate the system while sliding it down in the dock.. These scratches are random-shaped.
b) there would have been scratches on both sides of the screen.
c) the left Joy-Con has no reason to have a scratch (and there IS one there).

So yeah, my bet is on this happening from a fall or two and the guy trying to pass it as a system's fault to get a free replacement or something...

Part of me thinks that wool sock they were talking about could be a very likely culprit

Sadly mines got an issue with wifi connectivity. After updating switch, Got a high failure rate connecting to eshop while unit is docked. While if I use it as a portable, works like a charm.. hopefully they could fix this with a firmware update..

Not me, but I mainly play it on my TV, and only used it on the go once.

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