Nintendo president talks Switch pricing, potential for price drop in the future, VR interest

The following comes from an Asahi Shimbun interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, as translated by NE...

- some people feel that Switch is expensive when compared to other gaming systems.
- since the features are different, you can not simply compare them
- he thinks those opinions are not necessarily the majority
- Nintendo is putting in effort to reduce costs, so the company may be able to consider a price drop in the future
- Nintendo is strongly interested in and studying VR
- they must develop software that matches up well with the technology while players also need to be able to play long
- if a solution to these issues is found, they’ll move forward with VR
- VR might be replaced with other things, so it might be difficult if it’s that far in the future
- VR fever might calm down and other technology could steal its thunder
- if the momentum is lost, it might be meaningless for Nintendo to approach it
- if VR is going to be utilized, it would seem that Switch is the platform for that approach

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This is very interesting. Really wonder how they could use VR on the Switcg, though.

I get the feeling Switch as it is wouldn't be ideal for VR. To keep the frame rate high they'd have to dial down the resolution which would look fugly a few inches from your eyes.

Part of the reason I'm not buying the Switch is because I think it's too expensive. There's other reasons like how the Wii U was a disaster so I'm taking a wait and see approach. The Switch is definitely too expensive for it to have mass market and casual consumer appeal. And like it or not, comparisons will be made to the competition both in terms of specs and price. Not to mention other things like library of games, online, apps, etc.

Right there with you.... after getting burned by Wii U I'm taking the wait and see approach. It's not easy though.... it's been a long time since I haven't bought Nintendo hardware at launch. Twenty year streak down the drain. Holiday is a possibility if Switch really takes off in the first year and some good announcements are made at E3.

I was hyoed like crazy for it and it was even better than I first thought.

I already knew that the joy-cons would be small for my long tentacles I call fingers, so I was prepared. I bust have one in each hand when I play Zelda, and that works damn fine.

I am waiting in excitement for updates and games. E3 will be pretty interesting this year.

I had mentioned once or twice before that if they want to stand out in the VR space, they would have to come up with a portable VR system that is inexpensive (Virtual Boyz!). I don't know if that comment I wrote a while back got lost when the site's server went down last time.
Major companies from different industries are already adopting and experimenting with the technology: Nokia has their OZO (VR camera), Steam with HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, and so on. While Nintendo is still thinking about it, I'm assuming by the time they move in on VR, it'll likely be 5 years later and we'll be ready for the next (more powerful) system that can run VR/AR/Mixed Reality more efficiently.

Also, I'm glad to hear that a price drop for the NS is on its way. I'll give it until November. That's when I'll likely grab mine.

There is no such thing as a VR fever.

- VR fever might calm down and other technology could steal its thunder
- if the momentum is lost, it might be meaningless for Nintendo to approach it

There was never a VR fever. VR has died faster than the 3D. Too bad for 3D because it was nice, but underutilized. Stop studying it, Nintendo. It's a post mortem right now.


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