Hamster working on patch for Neo Geo brightness/audio issues

Looks like Hamster is well aware of the issues with some of their Neo Geo releases on Switch. The company has said they're already working on a patch and hope to have it released next week. The patch should take care of both brightness and audio issues.

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The game was programmed by a HAMSTER? No wonder it had issues!

While brightness could be "excused" as they didn't know any better, how could the audio issues get passed both their internal QA and Nintendo's LOT check?

Maybe Nintendo is being more lax with their quality control setup devs can get more games on their system?

I know in the Wii days they pretty much let anything happen, but I feel like with the Wii U they got strict again.

Thank goodness. I bought the lot and while they play fine, they look like dirt. My Neo Geo MVS looks better

Yay, now what about NA release?
Also I own a AES MVS 4 slot

That's pretty cool. I own a one slot that was converted into a console. I also own an AES, but I mostly use the former because of the Ybprb output looking so good on my hi quality CRT

The game was programmed by a HAMSTER? No wonder it had issues!

That made me laugh more than what I expected


Thank goodness. They also apologized on their twitter as well, which makes me happy that at least the issues will be fixed for future games/the launch lineup. Now for Nintendo to fix the wifi range issue and we'll be set!

Good for them. Seriously. This was setting a bad precedent for what VC could be like on the Switch, especially since Nintendo never addressed how dark and muted games were on the Wii U.

I REALLY hope this won't be a thing on the Switch, however they decide to handle classic gaming.

Great to hear. Now how about some news for NA gamers?


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