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Wed Mar 08 17 05:41pm
Rating: 1

I spent an hour climbing that mountain and solving them two puzzles on my own.

What is satisfying feeling it was. =D

Those were quite easy.

There are two shrines giving me a bit of a hard time. The one that says Path of the hidden Winds(snowy area in the northwestern part of the map) & the one in Korok Village with the constellations. I still scratching my head.

The constellation one definitely requires thinking out of the box a bit. But it's really satisfying when you figure it out.

The path of the hidden winds one is exactly what it sounds like Smile

Best of luck.

Man, I've been staring at the thing for a while. Figured I'll take a break then put some fresh eyes on it. I'm determined not to look it up at all.

Hahahaha.....solved the hidden winds. I knew I needed some rest.

The constellation one actually upset me quite a bit. I just had to look it up. It was the first one I looked up as well...and after I solved it and figured out why the answer was what it was I was a little upset at myself for not seeing it earlier.

A lot of the shrines do that to me. Make me think, "man, this must be a crazy puzzle," only to find out it a super simple solution...

Wed Mar 08 17 07:57pm
Rating: 2

That's exactly why I'm not going to look at it. I'm going to be just as disappointed in myself if I do. I'll grab some food, get some rest and visit it laters.

Wed Mar 08 17 08:20pm
Rating: 1

Hahahah. I swear, if I had looked this up, I'd be pissed. Wow! Glad I stuck with it, though. Work was mentally draining today, man. I had to decompress to figure these two out.

This one got past the filter.

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