Today's BIG Story 3/8/17 - Nintendo talks to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon about Switch

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for March 8th, 2017. Looking for your multimedia fix on Switch? Sounds like Nintendo has got something in the works for you.

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Note, Reggie dodged answering whether the Switch will have a browser at some point in the Washington Post interview.

Darn I wanted AmuluNet!

Let's be real. The Big Story for today is the fact that Indivisible might come to Switch!

Don't care about any of those services coming to Switch, I just want my games, 1st party, AAA, Indies, you name it. Just fill up that 32 gb..

When it does, and when it gets the Crunchyroll app, that's when I'll be able to "retire" my Wii U to the old TV in my room, as I still use it for Web/Chrunchyroll/Netflix (in that order)

I want the WWE App on Switch!

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