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Thu Mar 09 17 12:16am
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If you have two kids, this app stinks.

Thu Mar 09 17 01:12am
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Care to explain? I have no kids, but still curious.

Edit: age difference?

I believe there's no option to separate the controls for different users; so any limitations are console wide. And if you have two kids of different ages they don't each get their own restriction.

I have four people playing on my switch.

In the eyes of this app, we are all just one user. So basically, you can't set up restrictions on a per user basis, but on a per console basis. Additionally, you can't track playtime's per user. Once again, it just shows total playtime for the day.

I see. Thanks.

Well let's hope for an upgrade some day since they are so obsessed with these apps anyway.

That's so strange, since the Switch itself does track playtime per user. There should be no reason the app can't do the same... Nintendo really knows how to produce some magic, but they also know how to make some questionable decisions

Well, are the user accounts password protected on the switch itself?
Or could a kid simply switch users to circumvent individual restrictions?

Good question! No, they're not password protected, so a kid could indeed circumvent the restrictions, but any parent would quickly catch that. For example, if little Harry has been playing Switch, but they see in the app that Sally also has been playing, the parent knows what's up


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